10 Important Things Every UG-Legon Fresher Should Know on Campus

This is the second time I am sharing with you some importance things to know before you finally come to the University of Ghana, yes I don’t want you to become a zombie, haha.

As you’re preparing for school in the offing 2020/2021 academic year, don’t be ignorant about these things I am about telling you; Just as every society have their culture within and not available to the public,

In Common wealth hall, it is not fashion to wear red attire to their hall of residence or better go along with a male friend, else…..

They area known on campus as V-MATE .

Moreover, legon is a free and an academic haven, nobody will force you to learn, there is no seniority partition as it were in the Senior High School , everybody is own their own, but respect for authorities is a must, you could be rusticated for disobeying the basic laws of the University. I will be telling you the laws in a while.

Mensah Sarbah Hall, they are known as okpo mates, you can’t pass in front of their beautiful architectural hall of residence without getting frustrated especially if you’re a beautiful lady, they will be shouting and saying things, but you need to take it cool, if you feel uncomfortable you can walk briskly.

There are taxis on campus to take you around but it is not like the other taxis outside, they are registered and have UG entry cards verified. Their prices too are moderate; the minimum you can get is GHC5.0. Charlie you need to put cash on you every day.

Hypnotism is real! People will meet you and inquire for directions, be swift to say them no if you don’t know else…

There are fourteen halls on campus and four of these constitute the diaspora halls, the word might be familiar to you.

For the diaspora halls they are far from the main campus and you will need the campus shuttle to bus you to the main campus anytime you have lectures.

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Oh I forgot to mention the Premier hall on campus, that’s legon hall established in 1951 as the all-male hall but now it is a mixed. Charlie choose legon hall when the portal is open for residential application, it is one of the best halls on campus, let nobody lie to you.

Okay so what about the GPA and CGPA something? Hmm I don’t want to talk about it because I don’t like it but for your sake I have to.

GPA simply means Grade Point Average and it is the average of grades obtained by a student in a semester.

This is calculated by dividing the total grade points by credit hours of the course taken within the semester.

CGPA also means Cumulative Grade Point Average and it is the combination of GPAs over a course of time. it is usually calculated within a year fall, two ,three or four.

I know you are confused now, you will understand with time, it is not anything hard, I was in the same boat before.

You will be writing IA(interim Assessment ) in the middle of the semester, please I beg you, during the IA exams please use pencils for shading and don’t forget you are to indicate your ID number on the scan-able sheet, don’t be tensed up, I failed my first year UGRC(the University of Ghana required course) course because I failed to follow simple instruction.

In legon you can fail at any time, if it happens don’t hesitate to write a re-sit, but you will pay o

Finally, you are in legon? Chill, learn and make friends. Life is not about first class.

Experience a new and discover different things, you are in big environment with endless opportunities.