11 Best Ways Parents Can Help Prepare their Child for BECE

Student performances at the BECE have been described as average over the years by chief examiners. Many candidates demonstrate poor knowledge of grammar, incorrect spelling, and similar anomalies and a lack of preparation can easily place any student in this category.

Even though there has been several recommendations to help salvage this problem, the strongest underlying factor to focus on is to ensure adequate preparation which eventually minimizes stress brought by the exams.

This article will delve deep into 11 practical ways your child can prepare for BECE.

  1. In the first place, get a quiet, relaxing, organized study space for your child: Concentration level is high in a serene environment. Ensure that your child is not disturbed, that is, cut contact: no phone calls, no texts, no games, no TV, turn off the computer unless he or she is actually using it for studies.
  2. Ensure early revision: The sooner you start, the less you will have to do each day! The child shouldn’t wait till the last day. Make them avoid compiling notes until they’re about to sit for the exams. Constant revision helps retain the things learnt.
  3. Let the child revise early in the morning: The mind is most alert at this time because your energy level is more refreshed. It’s important to revise for 45 minutes at a time and take a 10 minute break. Learning at night is advisable, but only when it’s conducive that is, after having enough sleep.
  4. Have a revision timetable: Having a timetable enables you to manage time effectively, your clear and specific goals and targets for each revision are stated. You are more organized and focused with a learning plan taking into consideration the timetable for the Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE). Educational software like the Adzepa Learning Center can help prepare a learning schedule for a particular course.
  5. Begin the studies with subjects that are not part of the favourites: The child is likely to ignore or neglect the subject least liked and yet will be examined on it. Instead, make him or her develop a disciplined mind to break down the various topics into simpler units, by doing that it’s easier to identify the course structure, and then you are most likely to get the concepts of the whole subject. Don’t forget that whatever you give attention to grows.
  6. Ensure that the child avoids spending too much time on topics he or she struggles to understand: Such topics should be written down, and then help is sought from a teacher or friends with deep knowledge on the subject. Be careful not to reserve all the difficult areas to the end. Seek help as soon as possible.
  7. Go through all the necessary materials: This step is achievable if a well-planned timetable covering the entire academic curriculum is in place. Materials include class notes, textbooks, handouts, educational software and the internet for research purposes. The student can also compare notes with friends from different schools.

8.One of the most effective ways to prepare for the BECE exams is to practise questions: Providing accurate and appropriate answers are vital in the candidate success in the exams.

Let the child work through past exam questions and time him or her for a real exam practice. Doing that helps the candidate get used to the format of the exam questions. The child is likely to easily identify areas that had not been covered and recover effectively. Provision of examples and diagrams is very important in the BECE.

9.Get educational software for your child: The software provides all the needed materials required to help your child revise and practise multiple choice questions within a short time. Your child gets instant result on all the tests taken, and also he or she gets full control of all the teaching sessions which is available 24 hours. For Mathematics, you can try the Adzepa Learning Center.

10.Ensure proper usage of the English language: Reports indicate that many candidates demonstrate poor knowledge of the English grammar. If the child is not able to put on paper his or her ideas and concepts, the examiners find it difficult to understand the answers provided. Ensure that the child adopts the habit of reading.

11.Let them take regular breaks, eat properly, rest the mind: Concentration level falls off after a certain amount of time. Ensure that the child eats foods that aid in high concentration levels. Keep the body and brain well-fuelled by choosing the nutritious food. Finally, the body needs at least seven hours of sleep to function efficiently.

In conclusion, there is no shortcut to getting something of good value. In general, acquiring computers by schools and individuals and also making sure that qualified teachers are recruited are important in obtaining success in the BECE. Attention should be paid to both theory and practical work.

Parents should monitor the progress of their wards, and also help to ensure the completion of syllabuses at school before allowing the child to sit for the exams. As a parent, you wouldn’t want to go through the agony of seeing your child fail the BECE exams. You should take advantage of the new software produced purposely to enable pupils pass BECE exams with ease.

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