20 Million Ghana Cedis Budgeted for Free Tertiary Scholarship Scheme starting 2020/2021

The government has launched a local scholarship program through the scholarship secretariat that will support over 150,000 students who have passed their WASSCE who have also benefited from the free SHS initiative.

Through the online portal of the scholarship secretariat, students who have qualified for various tertiary institutions can apply for a local scholarship. The government has set aside a budget of approximately GHC 20 million to cover the tuition fees of eligible students receiving both public and private admission to an accredited tertiary institution.

This announcement was made by the Ghana Scholarship Secretariat Registrar, Mr. Kingsley Agyemang, on Tuesday monitored by shstrendz.com

Approximately 50 percent of the 342,500 candidates who wrote the West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE) this year passed their exams and qualified for admission to various tertiary institutions.

The local scholarship provides another incentive for students who have gained from the free SHS, but are now in search of an opportunity to advance their studies, according to Mr Agyemang.

During the Accra media conference, he announced that for the first time in six years, students who scored between A1 and C6 in all main subjects were more than 50 percent.

He said the scholarship processes for the academic year 2020/2021 began in March 2020, with over 300,000 Ghanaians from all over the world applying.

As of Tuesday, he said out of the estimated 45,000 successful applicants from around 50 districts around the country, 11,581 applicants had their tuition fees charged in full to their respective institutions.

Source: shstrendz.com

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