2020-2021: Top 12 Most Beautiful Tertiary Institutions in The World

World Universities

Does the job of selecting a university totally depends on the academic aspect? Could someone be maneuvered by the campus beauty, so that he or she will take an instant decision of enrolling there? Even though location, quality & value of curriculum and educational track record are amongst the most significant factors to consider while opting for a university, the role played by a visually pleasing campus will surely influence your decision. More than that, you are required to spend years on the University grounds and so, it needs to be natural to give picturesque surroundings.

However, how to find out the locality of your prospective university devoid of visiting it? A complete research would come in handy here. Meanwhile, you could have a quick glimpse at the top 12 world’s most beautiful universities, which most of the student bodies agree:

12. Peking University, China:

Peking University is the most important Chinese research University found in Beijing. Together with academics, the university is particularly appreciated for the beauty of its campus that includes traditional Chinese architecture. The university campus retains the much traditional style of Chinese landscaping including gardens, pagodas and other notable historical structures and buildings.

11. Xiamen University, China:

The Xiamen University was established in 1921 under the name Amoy University. Facing the ocean, the university is located at the mountain foothills surrounded by the Xiamen’s bay. Further, the main campus is found to be picturesque with magnificent parks and sceneries. For this reason, it has become the most popular tourist destination in Xiamen and also stands at number 11th position in the world’s most beautiful universities 2020-2021 list.

10. University of Cambridge, United Kingdom:

Established in 1209, the University of Cambridge is the second oldest university founded in Cambridge, England. The University had occupied a central location in the city of Cambridge with some earliest patterned brickwork, which offers examples of Flemish Bond, English Bond and Running Bond. Further, the university operates 114 libraries together with 8 arts, scientific and cultural museums as well as a botanic garden.

9. University of Oxford, United Kingdom:

Just like Cambridge, it is also one of the oldest universities situated in Oxford, England. Without main campus, the University of Oxford has colleges, departments, other facilities and accommodation scattering all through the city center. The iconic buildings of the university include the Sheldonian Theatre for music concerts, university ceremonies and lectures, the Radcliffe Camera and also examination schools in which some lectures and examinations take place.

8. Coimbra University, Portugal:

The Coimbra University is a Public University located in Coimbra, Portugal. Even though the university is excellent in academics, the building currently stands as a major tourist attraction. It is possible to view the interior of the Coimbra Library only at the time of guided tours. The interior chambers boast of magnificent ceilings as each and every chamber has its individual unique painting. It’s stands beautiful college campuses list.

7. Stanford University, USA:

It is an 8000-acre campus located in San-Francisco peninsula. Featuring the dramatic views of San Francisco Bay, the Stanford University was originally proposed on the basis of Mission Revival. It is nothing but a Spanish-colonial style design, which features sandstone masonry and red tile roofs. Most parts of the campus were found to be destroyed in 1906 because of powerful earthquakes. But, some buildings had survived, including the old chemistry building, the Quad and the Encina Hall. In the recent years, the campus had spent nearly a billion dollars so as to renovate as well as update the school for the purpose of better earthquake protection.

6. Trinity College, Ireland:

Established in 1592, the Trinity College is situated in the midst of Irish Capital. The college operates through 3 faculties: the faculty of arts, social science & humanities, the faculty of health sciences and the faculty of Engineering, Science and Mathematics. Between them, the campus consists of 24 schools that provide a range of courses and degrees to approximately 17,000 students. In addition to serving the University students, the campus would also act a great tourist attraction because of the charm, beauty and fame of its buildings covering 220,000 Sq.ms of a land piece with a blend of classic as well as modernist architecture. Trinity College stands at number six position among all other 12 most beautiful universities in the world.

5. University of Bologna, Italy:

Established in 1088, the University of Bologna is the leading academic institution in Europe and Italy. The university is popular for its clean and elegant space. The campus is found to be distinguished by its Mission Revival architecture surrounded by stunning orange trees, tulips and liquid amber trees, almost all set against the picturesque foothills of Italy.

4. University of Rostock, Germany:

Established in 1419, the University of Rostockseems to be the third oldest University situated in Germany. This expansive campus is covered by a classic Californian style of architecture with nearly 8,000 acres of walking trails, charming residences and foothills ensconced between romantic Rostock and scenic Germany.

3. University of Cape Town, South Africa:

The University of Cape Town is found to be standing tall on the mountainside, failing to notice some of the magnificent residential regions of the city. Founded in 1829, the public research university is considered to be the integral parts of the history and heritage of Cape town. UCT has many different campuses, which are scattered in distinct locations around the Cape town. The campus is especially beautiful, comprised of stunning old buildings.

2. Moscow State University, Russia:

Moscow State University is a Public Research and coeducational university situated in Moscow, Russia. As most of the faculties are located on Sparrow Hills, the campus has seven large tiered neo classic towers, which are constructed around the city. The main campus of the university was referred to be the world’s tallest building whose central tower is about 36 stories high, 240 m tall and even flanked by 4 large wings of faculty and student accommodations. Moscow State Universitystands at number second position among all other 12 world’s most beautiful universities in 2020-2021 list.

1. Aarhus University, Denmark: Tops in World’s Most Beautiful Universities list

Aarhus University is the most prestigious research university founded in Aarhus, Denmark. The design of the campus includes a wide range of buildings and structure over a huge space, yet each building is comprised of the same roofing tile and yellow brick, thereby offering the entire campus with a unified look.


These world’s most beautiful universities are supposed to be having well-equipped and striking campus in addition to being excellence in academics.
This proves that almost all the universities ( beautiful college campuses ) often need pleasing and mind-relaxing sites and campus, which help students perform well with much ease and comfort. These most beautiful universities are popular and famous in the world.

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