5 Traits of a Gifted Child Even Parents May Not Know About

There’s the tendency to think high IQ score is a sign of genius. As scientists put it: “it’s impossible to evaluate a child’s intelligence with a test.” Even though high IQ score doesn’t mean a person is a genius, there are several features that indicate that your child has a big future in front of him.

As parents, do take notice of your child’s talent and help nurture them. All future geniuses have the following:

  1. They spend alot of time with adults:

While future geniuses like to talk to adults, ordinary children feel more reserved in the company of adults. Talented kids make older friends because they like this atmosphere. At age 12 and below, Jesus was always seen among the scholars, asking weird questions. This is true of little Leonardo da Vinci, Galileo and Einstein.

  1. They have good parents:

Psychologists as well as scientists confirm the type of atmosphere conducive for raising gifted children:

■ The parents are well educated and rather wealthy

■ The dad is calm, kind and not domineering

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■ The mum is an intelligent person. Scientists say children inherit intelligence from their mother.

  1. They’re sociable and active:

Genius kids have what is called “social intelligence.” To be a genius, one shouldn’t have to remember long mathematical formulas. Rather you must be able to build relationships around you. Also smart kids are active and restless, that they need to do something (like sports). It’s their way of discovering the world.

Genius Child
  1. They have a good sense of humour:

Contrary to many people’s expectations, a good sense of humour reveals intelligence. People’s ability to joke and understand others’ jokes is associated with great abstract thinking. As such future geniuses tend to have many friends. The issue is, that sometimes people hide stress and pain behold “good” moods.

  1. They visualise and draw:

A gifted child keeps in his mind everything he sees. In other words it is an I formation collector. A child’s ability to draw a place after visiting it with photos is a sign genius. It’s called photographic memory and only 2-10% of children possesse this. It’s even less in adults. Leonardo da Vinci and Galileo belong to this category.