Student of T.I Ahmadiyya Senior High School arrested for faking own kidnap

Esther Boadiwaa, a student of T I Ahmadiyya Senior High School, told the police she had lied to her parents that she had been kidnapped even though she was with her boyfriend in the Volta Region.

The incident was reported by Fomena Police Commander, Supt. Albert Fii Ochil, on January 6, on December 22 last year. The daily guide reported that this was a fake incident.

Police say that, in violation of section 208 of the Code on criminal offences (Act 29/60), they have been charged with making a false report intended to cause panic and anxiety to the public.

Esther is charged with giving her mother Akosua Abuyaa an audio recording in which she said three people who took her to Hohoe had abducted her.

In an audiotape, Esther alleged that the men had a sexual relationship with her but that she had not asked for a ransom.

Superintendent Ochil said an investigation had started, but it was discovered to be a lie later.

While she was been interviewed by her parents again, she confessed later that she was creating the story of the kidnapping in order to get away with her mother, who prevented her from visiting the boyfriend at Hohoe.

Supt. Ochil said Esther’s charge of false alarm would be brought before the court.

Following two weeks of living with the husband, Esther said the police returned home. Later she was accompanied by her mother to the police station to inform the police about her return.

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