A/R: Fire guts Prempeh College’s Rev. A.D Lewis Library [Photos]

Prempeh College
Before Christmas, that’s few days to said date of the vacation of SHS schools, the College’s library was almost set on fire. How did it happen? Nobody knows. On the 14th of January 2021, the school’s van which was used purposely to import food into the school was found burning around 1 am. This fire, if not treated with immediate attention would have caused a bus to also encounter this problem.
Just last few days, the library was also attempted and the fire won this battle. Students were being woken at 2 am to bring water to quench the fire. Books, clothes and computers were destroyed during this disaster.

Rumours are being spread that these acts are no natural acts and that a person or some people are behind it. Measures have been put in place while investigations are ongoing.

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Source: shstrendz.com