Notable Boarding Houses of Achimota School And What They Stand For

Achimota School is in Accra Ghana. It is best known for educating a number senior Government officials and businessmen. There about 200 employees in the school. It sets a precedent as the first mixed gender organization to be set up in Ghana.

Achimota School House and Buildings

The institution has beautiful structures; with some of them built during the colonial period. Among them are the seventeen boarding houses. Since they were built when the country was called the Gold Coast, the houses bear sentimental history. The following are some of the houses and their meanings as it is in Achimota School.

Gyamfi House

Gyamfi House was named after a former student, Gyamfi, a member of the Asante royal family who passed away while he was still in Achimota School.

Aggrey House

Aggrey named after one of the founding fathers, Dr James Aggrey.

Kingsley House

Kingsley House is named after the English explorer Mary Kingsley.

Guggisberg House
It was named after the founder of the Institution Sir Fredric Gordon Guggisberg. He was the then Governor of the Gold Coast.

Cadbury House

Cadbury House is one of the male houses in Achimota School. It was named after Cadbury Company that has been the institution’s beneficially for a while.

Slessor House

Slessor is named after the Scottish missionary Mary Slessor.

Annie Baeta Jiagge House
It is named after the first lady justice of Ghana’s Court of Appeal.

Livingstone House

It is named after David Livingstone, a famous explorer throughout the world.

J.E.A Mills House
The house is named after John Evans Atta Mills, a Former Ghanaian President who died in office while he was in power.

S.O.A House
It is named after the country’s first female doctor Susanna Ofori-Atta.

Clark House

Clark House is the girls ‘ house closest to the boys ‘ gymnasium on the Eastern Compound. It was named after Mary Clark, an English missionary.

Fraser House

This house was named after Rev. Alexander (Alec) Garden Fraser.

Luggard House

Luggard House is named after Lord Lugard who was a soldier, a mercenary, an explorer and a colonial administrator.

Kwapong House

This house was named after Professor Alexander Kwapong, former Vice-Chancellor of the University of Ghana, and Vice-Rector of the UN University located in Tokyo

McCarthy House

McCarthy House is named after the former governor of several British colonies in West Africa, Sir Charles McCarthy. The building has undergone three changes.

It was initially the Engineering School, and then it was converted into a boys ‘ home. It was converted to a girls ‘ house in the Eastern Compound in the late 1990s.

The Worship Center
A Reverend was among the co-founders of the institution; therefore, it is based on Christian beliefs. In the school compound, it is situated to strengthen the chapel of Christianity in Achimota School.

The school is non-denominational, however. Students from different Christian denominations, therefore, have the right to worship.

Sporting Activities
The school has a record of good performance in sports. It also has a number of sports facilities. They’ve got a hockey field, a football pitch, a cricket oval, a handball court, and a baseball court. All these facilities benefit students to play different ball games.

Students who love swimming are also taken care of by building the Achimota School swimming pool. Moreover, learners can also keep fit since there is a large gym.

Since its inception, it has been a source of education for fundamental staff in the country. Former Presidents of Ghana, such as Edward Akufo-Addo, Kwame Nkrumah, and John Evans Atta Mills, were educated there.

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