AKORA 2G Honours over 100 Past and Present Achimota School Teachers

Over a hundred past and present teachers of Achimota School have been honoured by the 2000 student year group of the school. This was at the 2020 edition of the “Teachers Appreciation Day” – an event held annually in the school by a specific student year group. This year’s event was organized by the Old Achimota Association 2000 year group (AKORA 2G).

Speaking at the program, the President of AKORA 2G, Mr. Kamaldeen Mahdi, expressed gratitude to the teachers; attributing their respective successes in life to their efforts in shaping them whilst in school.

“We cannot thank the school, the administrative staff and the teachers enough for the painstaking efforts they made in developing us as pacesetters. For all these and many more, we say a big thank you. The fond memories of our time in this school will forever be irked in our minds because you invested in our development and capacity building,” he said.

Teachers who were present at Saturday’s event were filled with joy as they received a citation, a cash reward, and other items as gratitude from the students.

Mr. James Ariel Ringo Djarbeng, a former English tutor in the school, told UniversNews that the gesture from the students made him realize the impact he has had on them.

“The appreciation has made me realize that God has brought me far. God has blessed me to impact my students. I believe I have had the impact and I have made the impact on my students,” he said.

A former housemistress in the school, Madam Gifty Asiedu Okantah, also told UniversNews that the honour from the students comes as an encouragement to them.

“It’s good that this teacher’s appreciation day was initiated. It brings us together with students we taught and helped in life and when we see them, they appreciate us…it gives us the encouragement that we have also done something for them.”

Samuel Osei Owusu, who is a former vice-chairperson of the School’s staff welfare, called on other schools to replicate the initiative.

Whilst he acknowledges that the National Teachers’ Day commemoration in the country boosts the morale of tutors, he believes that many more teachers will feel appreciated if it is decentralized.

“It is not about appreciating teachers with money, even a citation is enough. If you look at the national level, how many teachers will be awarded? But if you are doing it on a school basis, then you will see that a whole lot of teachers will be appreciated,”

SNEB Asamoah, a former chairperson of the Achimota School staff Welfare added that;

That is national which is good but if you bring it to the schools, it means that more teachers are going to be appreciated and that will raise their morale and they will become more and more committed.

Next year’s Teachers Appreciation Day will be organized by the 2001 student year group of the school

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