All Hopes are not Lost in the Current Situation of Private Schools – GNACOPS Boss

All hopes are not lost in the current situation of private schools

We need to get up from where we slipped off and make changes in life.
Covid is a new brand for those who desire to make life changes to a better one.

Things are getting worse day by day but we look forward to seeing that little hope of light would eventually overshadow all darkness of the days past.

Let us check our frontiers and inner circles to see if there is this Moses’s rod which can make magic.

We need also to believe ourselves regardless of the challenges which have engulfed and disheartened us.

As private school anchors, we can do the magic, we need not to be perturbed.
We can make things happen again.

We need to come together this time to speak with a common voice and find solutions to the challenges.

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The beauty about this is that we have been able to identify the challenge and is so easy to curb and find possible remediations to it.

Let’s meet and brainstorm to find the antidote to this financial Crisis.

Our daily cries and wearies have reached high places and the good God, the Merciful God has touched the hearts of some people to see us through.

All we need is to take our rod and staff to command that dark ages of rock to move, because the rock of ages reigns forever.

God bless you.