All you need to know about Ghana’s Coronavirus Tracker App

You might be searching on Google Play Store or Apple Store with different keywords like “COVID-19 Tracker App, GH COVID-19 Tracker App, Ghana COVID-19 Tracker App, COVID-19 APP, Tracker App and so forth to install and better know how the new coronavirus Tracking App works in Ghana.

Well, if you did that, you’ve moved a step further in the help to slow the spread of the novel virus, but unfortunately, the App is not yet available for download on the popular Android Play Store or iPhone Store.

However, the Ministry has assured it will be available for download on the various Stores in the course of this week. Currently, you can download it direct from the official website for the App at http://www.ghcovid19.com/

About the App

The COVID-19 Tracker App is easy to use, digital tool to help Ghanaians access and report their symptoms for COVID-19 to the health authorities. It was also deployed to help individuals provide general information to contact tracers for easy tracking, testing, and treatment. The App is 25MB in size.

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According to information gathered from the website, the App is a property of the government of Ghana, it was developed by iQuent Technologies Ascend Digital Solution and powered by the Ministry of Communications.


Interestingly, the App has been developed in such a way that it could help track telephone numbers that have allegedly or recently been in certain countries around the world. This track records collected by the Tracker App will help the Ghana immigration service to decide who to provide an extra layer of screening.

The App will also be helpful in quarantine reliability to check the activities of certain individuals tasked to be self-quarantined as to if they are complying with the measures to slow the spread of the deadly novel disease.

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How to download the GH COVID-19 Tracker App in Ghana

  1. Visit the official GH COVID-19 Tracker App website ghcovid19.com
  2. Accept the Terms & Conditions to download the App
  3. Click on the blue “download” text link to download the app on your Smartphone
  4. As the normal way of downloading any App, you’ll see file downloading status on your phone
  5. When you click on “INSTALL”, you may be prompted to allow installation from unknown sources on your device.
  6. Allow the installation and wait for the App to install
  7. Congratulations!, Your app will then be successfully installed

COVID-19 Tracker USSD option for Feature Phones

The Ministry has made arrangements for those who do not use smartphones, in their case they can access the USSD platform by dialling *769#.

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