Alzheimer’s Disease: A Little Overview, Causes, Symptoms and Prevention

Alzheimer Disease (AD)

This life that we have been given is a great gift. It’s beautiful in its own right. But sometimes, life is full of surprises. One moment we are up and happy and healthy, the next we are not.

In other words, imagine coming closer to people who were far better than us (be it in riches, beauty, titles or intelligence) but now are helpless because of a disease. Believe it or not, the lives of patients has automatically turned many health personnel into perhaps the most humble people around us.

One of such diseases capable of humbling any one of us is Alzheimer. A chronic neurodegenerative disease which usually affects people above age 65. The inability to remember recent events including one’s own children and spouse or relatives can really be heart breaking.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Alzheimer diseases (AD) are a reality. It’s however, worth stating here, that not only old people get AD. There’ve been few cases where younger folks have it too.

Worldwide about 29.9 million people have AD as of the year 2015 with about 2 million deaths. Moreover, about 60-80% of the causes of dementia comes from Alzheimer’s diseases. I’ve personally had the opportunity to work with patients suffering from dementia/Alzheimer’s diseases and can only say that it’s not a nice experience.

So without wasting time, let’s make our today’s article concise as much as possible. Let’s find out what could possibly cause Alzheimer diseases and what we as individuals can do to reduce our risk of becoming victims.


1. Most AD cases are inherited. That is to say about 70% of the cases are genetically gotten from one’s parents.
2. Accidents leading to head injuries
3. Depression & hypertension

How To Decrease The Risk Of Having Alzheimer Diseases:

1. Physical exercise
2. Avoiding obesity
3. Mental exercise

NB: Please, we implore you not to stigmatize, beat or call old people names especially when their conversation makes a little sense. Reason being that most AD patients can really say and do unbelievable things.

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