Amanda Harms Missing, What Happened To Amanda Harms?

Amanda Damages, a 46-year-old number related teacher in Muskogee, disappeared on January 13, 2024. Last seen close 44th and Denison. Her better half detailed her vanishing, prompting a police examination.

Amanda Damages Missing

Amanda Damages, a 46-year-old numerical educator at the sixth and seventh Grade Foundation in Muskogee State funded Schools, disappeared on Saturday night. Last seen strolling close 44th and Denison in Muskogee, she was accounted for missing by her significant other, who referenced that she passed on by walking to visit a close by store on the night of January 13, 2024.

With no contact from that point forward, her vanishing set off a police examination, and the local area was encouraged to call Muskogee Police Examinations at 918-680-3116 or the Wrongdoing Plugs line at 918-682-2677 assuming that they had any data. Tragically, she was tracked down dead onJanuary 18.

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Who was Amanda Damages?

Amanda Damages was a 46-year-old educator at Muskogee State funded Schools, where she filled in as a sixth grade math teacher for the beyond two years at the sixth and seventh Grade Foundation. Depicted as a devoted instructor, Ms. Hurts was known for her obligation to her understudies. Her abrupt and grievous vanishing, trailed by the appalling disclosure of her dead body, has left the school locale and the local area in misery.

Muskogee Government funded Schools has communicated profound trouble at the deficiency of Ms. Hurts and is offering directing administrations for understudies and staff impacted by this heartbreaking occasion.

What has been going on with Amanda Damages?

Amanda Damages, a darling sixth grade math educator in Muskogee Government funded Schools, unfortunately disappeared on January 13, 2024. Her better half revealed that she passed on their home that night to visit a close by store however had not been heard from since. The circumstance took a staggering turn when Muskogee Police found her dead body on Thursday, January 18, in somebody’s terrace close to North sixth Road and West Martin Luther Ruler Road.

The police are as of now exploring the conditions encompassing her demise, leaving the local area in shock and grieving the departure of a devoted teacher.

Amanda Damages Missing – FAQs

1. When did Amanda Damages disappear?
Amanda Damages disappeared on Saturday night, January 13, 2024.

2. Where was Amanda Damages last seen?
She was most recently seen strolling close 44th and Denison in Muskogee.

3. Who announced Amanda Damages missing?
Amanda’s significant other revealed her missing.

4. When was Amanda’s inert body found?
Amanda’s inert body was tracked down on January 18.

5. What was Amanda Damages’ calling?
She was a sixth grade math educator at the sixth and seventh Grade Institute.

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