Amazing Facts About RJZ from Mfantsipim School into Music


RJZ real name Joseph Pharez Essuman Mensah (was born 19th July 1992) is a Ghanaian hip-hop musician and a member of the La Meme Gang.

He went to Mfantsipim Senior High School and was a 3-times Sprite Ball champion for the school. Everyone assumed he will be come a professional basketball player but no one expected him to venture in music even though he won ‘ best rapper’ back in school.


The musician however feel he won’t be able to impact the lives of people positively, He also expressed his love for kids,”Sometimes, i fear I might not be able to have a positive impact on peoples lives when I fully make it. I really don’t get the point of being famous when I can’t impact peoples lives positively.

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For me, I have a passion for kids. I really cannot begin to explain how much I love kids. One of my dreams is to start an orphanage and I even have plans of using proceeds from my first album for charity” he said.

Rjz is also known for his hit songs Bye bye, Hello daddy,For life and many more.

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