Angry Suhum SHTS (SUTESCO) Headmistress locks out students for reporting late

Scores of final year Students of Suhum Senior High and Technical School (SUTESCO) in the Eastern Region were left stranded last night for reporting late to school.

The over 70 stranded students made up of both males and females many of whom were from outside the jurisdiction of Suhum were prevented from entering the campus for reporting after 5:00 PM.

They were locked out for many hours and asked to sleep outside the campus and return the next day.

According to some of the students accompanied by their parents, they reported before 5:00 pm but were denied entry on the basis that their hairs were bushy hence must trim before entry, however, upon their return from the barbering saloon they were disallowed.

“I’m from Takoradi, they said we should report before 5:00 PM I came 4:40 PM but unfortunately I passed the small gate which they asked me to pass the big gate. When I got here they told me my hair is bushy so I should go and trim it but upon my return, they said they won’t allow me to enter because it is after 5:00 PM. We have been stranded since it is now almost 8:00 PM. They have asked us to find a place in town to sleep and return the next day. I am from Takoradi I don’t know anyone here.

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“I came here 4:30 PM they asked me to barber my hair and returned 5:10 PM but they disallowed my entry. It is almost 8:00 PM I am still stranded here I can’t go back. The gateman says we should go and sleep at a Guesthouse but I don’t have money for that”.

Another student said “We came here few minutes after five they asked as to barber our hair, we joined a queue at the barbering shop after we were done and returned to the school they said they will not allow us to enter”

This female student told the media that “I am from Kasoa, but when I got here they didn’t write my details all that they said it that I should go and barber my hair but upon my return, the gateman said it is passed 5:00 PM so the Headmistress says he should not allow anyone to enter. I don’t know where to sleep”.

While some of the stranded students went to find places in town to spend the night, others continued to plead for mercy but the Headmistress Elizabeth Ama Agyakwa ordered the Security personnel not to open the gate for the students accusing their parents of being irresponsible.

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A parent told Starr News “It is sad. In fact I was late came here before 5:00 pm but I came to meet many students some from Takoradi, Kasoa, Accra etc that they were refused entry because they have bushy hair so they went to barber their hair but denied entry. It is scary to leave these children with girls to go to town to find some places to sleep on their own so we are begging the school authorities to open the gate. Now many of the students have left to sleep in a guesthouse. A Taxi driver has also taken some of the ladies home to give them a place to sleep,” a parent lamented.

The Headmistress raging with anger stormed the school amid insults accusing the parents of being irresponsible.

she eventually ordered for the opening of the gate for the few students left only after some political figures were informed about the situation.

A teacher told Starr News on condition of anonymity that the students were denied entry on health grounds because Nurses who were at the post to screen them had left.

Meanwhile, some staff of the school attacked the Eastern Regional Correspondent of Peace FM, Michael Akrofi for filming and interviewing the stranded students.

Source:Ghana/ Ansah

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