Are Ella and Tyrique Still Together in 2024? Did Ella and Tyrique’s Love Story End After “Love Island”?

Ella Thomas and Tyrique Hyde were once a prominent couple on “Love Island.” It is a dating game reality television show series, that captivates the audience because of the cast members’ on-screen romantic chemistry theories. After the filming of the show, Fans are still curious about the current relationship status of the famous couple, Ella Thomas and Tyrique Hyde.

Masses are speculating and spreading rumors on various social media platforms as they lack official information about the love life intricacies of both social media personalities. Especially, after rumors of frequent clashes and a swift unfollowing on social media. This article explores whether Ella and Tyrique are still together post-show.

Who is Ella Thomas?

Ella Thomas is a renowned Eritrean American actress, model, and producer, born to an Eritrean mother from Asmara and an American Air Force officer, who was stationed in Eritrea. In 2006, she initiated his career in the entertainment industry. When she was a child, she and her parents shifted their home in Germany where they lived in the small town of Kindsbach.

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She completed his high school years at a local German school. Additionally, she studied French language. Not only this but also she learned Tigrinya and English lessons at home with her mother. She was a cast member of “Love Island,” a reality television show.

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Who is Tyrique Hyde?

Tyrique Hyde is a 24-year-old semi-professional footballer who plays for Lewes FC in central midfield, after leaving Dartford FC in 2022. He was the cast member of “Love Island.” He explained some facts about himself to his new fellow islanders, “That I’m deaf in my right ear. I’ve got a tattoo next to my left one that symbolizes strength and power in my good one.”

He added, “I’ll bring vibes, confidence, good energy, and honesty. I don’t sit on the fence, if I have an opinion I will speak up. I’m also not afraid to go after what I want.” He is one of the best friends of season 7 islander Toby Aromolaran. He does not reveal his personal life on social media platforms as he chooses to be in privacy. Explore the current relationship status of Bergie and Taylor after Love Island USA season 5.

Are Ella and Tyrique Still Together?

Ella Thomas and Tyrique Hyde are no longer a couple. They have gone their separate ways. After finishing of filming of the tenth installment of “Love Island,” they lived together for six months, and then they broke up with each other because of increasing relationship conflicts between them.

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It is officially confirmed that they will not be together in 2024. Fans of the couple have expressed disappointment, but both Ella and Tyrique are focusing on their journeys and personal growth post-show. Do you want to know the actual reason behind their breakup? Then, read this article completely to its entirety.

Why Did Tyrique and Ella Split?

Seven months after “Love Island,” Tyrique and Ella reportedly split due to frequent clashes. Their swift decision to unfollow each other suggests that the breakup may not have been polite. Check out, Tonesa Welch and Terry still going strong despite the odds in 2024 or not.

A source said, “Ella and Tyrique have decided it’s time to go their separate ways, They have such love for each other, but they often struggle to get along and as viewers saw in the villa, they’re always arguing. This time, things have ended badly… and they have both removed all recent photographs of each other from their respective Instagram profiles, as well as all Snapchat content. They have unfollowed each other as well… it certainly feels like this breakup is final.”

Where is Ella Thomas Now?

As the end of season 10 of “Love Island,” reality television show, Ella Thomas has garnered widespread attention because of her on-screen romance with Tyrique. After separating, she has gained a huge and strong fanbase on her social media profile. She is currently working on making her own brand name as a fashion influencer on Instagram.

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However, she has over one million followers. Individuals like her presence all over the internet as they are obsessed with her fashion-influencing contentful videos. Moreover, she is also a brand ambassador for fashion brand PrettyLittleThing. Besides this, she shares her makeup tutorial videos and outfit selfies.

are ella and tyrique still togetherare ella and tyrique still together

Where is Tyrique Hyde Now?

After featuring on “Love Island,” Trique has also amassed a large fan and following on the Instagram platform, he continuously posts contentful videos on both YouTube and Instagram to gain more reach as a social media influencer on his profile. After separating from Ella, he uploaded his video “Day in the Life” vlog.

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In that vlog, he explained his future goals and plans of returning to the job as a football player from where he left because of featuring on “Love Island.” He explained, “Another question I keep getting asked a lot, is if I’m returning to football. The answer is, I’m coming back. I’ve had some things to sort out, some time out, some time to enjoy. A bit too much enjoyment but I’ve got the hunger back.”

He continued, “Of course, no one wants to do the influencing thing or be in the public eye forever. I’m grateful enough to have this platform that I do have. I’m going to be using the money to make some investments and set me up for the future. Then I’m out of here.” Cast your eyes on: Are Tom Ellis and Lauren German still best buds post-lucifer?


To wrap up everything, Ella Thomas and Tyrique Hyde are no longer together. Their relationship, which began on “Love Island,” ultimately didn’t long-last increasing conflicts in their relationship outside the villa. After separating, both are now focusing on their individual paths.

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