Are Liz and Brice From “7 Little Johnstons” Still Together in 2024?

Liz Johnston and Brice Bolden rose to prominence after appearing on “7 Little Johnstons.” a reality television show. They emerged as a couple in the media. Their relationship remains a central part of the show and the masses are always curious to see their on-screen romance and the challenges that they face.

The challenges that they faced, make individuals wonder about their togetherness. Are Liz and Brice still together? This article explores the latest updates and milestones in their romantic journey together.

Who Are Liz and Brice?

When the reality television show series, “7 Little Johnstons” was released in 2015, it featured “7 Little Johnstons” cast members. Elizabeth “Liz” Johnston and Brice Bolden captured the attention of the public due to their on-screen romance. Individuals are curious to know their love life intricacies as they want to be updated for new information regarding the Liz and Brice relationship.

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Their romantic connection showcases the genuine affection and mutual support for one another. In the beginning, they are just friends, and later on, their friendship blossoms into romance. They navigate the complexities of relationships and challenges of adolescence together.

When Did ‘7 Little Johnstons’ Stars Liz and Brice Start Dating?

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Lix and Brice grew together on the “7 Little Johnstone,” reality television show. In 2018, they started dating. If you want to see their relationship journey then, you can watch the show to the end because every milestone has been featured on the TLC show.

In season 13 of “7 Little Johnstons,” Liz and Brice go to the hunting house as they ready to move in together. It seems like they have intense love for each other. Brice said in a confessional during the May 2023 episode, “After we move in together, I see our relationship going on and on forever, you know? Just because I know I’d be very excited living with her. Me and her are just going to live the rest of our lives together. So that’s what I feel like.”

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Are Liz and Brice Still Together?

Liz and Brice are still together in 2024. Their relationship began on the show and it’s been so many years, that’s why, people are doubting their togetherness. Most of the time, celebrities break their bond with their partner after filming the show but their bond highlights their deep connection and commitment to each other.

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However, in November 2023, they were blessed with a baby. After that, their connection became stronger than before as their whole focus was on nurturing their baby and loving each other more every day. Liz said in May 2024, “Definitely give credit to Leighton, it definitely has put Brice and I on a new journey than just, you know, from high school to dating to moving out.”

She added, “It has definitely put our perspective on what life is like when you bring in another individual into the world. Him and I, we matter in a way but I’ve always put it in [Brice’s] mindset that Leighton is number one.” Before proceeding further, take a look at: Is the relationship between Egypt and Sam still going strong in 2024?

Did Liz and Brice Split?

Liz and Brice stopped sharing updates about each other on social media so their fans were worrying about them both.  one social media user commented via Instagram. “please, please, please tell me y’all did not break up!! You looked so perfect together,”

Therefore, one more worried fan complained, “You and Bryce break up I hope all the best I thought you guys were the cutest couple!” There was a lack of information which fueled rumors and speculation among the masses. After some time, Liz finally broke the silence. She officially confirmed that she and Brice were no longer couples.

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They both did not reveal the reason for their separation because they preferred to keep the secret under wraps. She explained, “Us living together, it felt more like roommates when we were actually in a relationship. And I could not live like that because I am not a person who wants to be in a relationship where it doesn’t feel like there’s any love or any just, I don’t know, spark.

are liz and brice still togetherare liz and brice still together

She continued, ” I want that, but I can’t do it with somebody who is just OK with being in a fine relationship, being in a mediocre relationship. And I can’t be in a mediocre and fine relationship because that’s not who I am.” Check out the relationship status of Bergie and Taylor after Love Island USA season 5.

She kept going, “When the relationship starts to mentally affect somebody — when they don’t feel like they’re loved, and they tried to do everything to keep the relationship going and to keep the spark alive, and then now they’re exhausted from it and then they just get pretty much depressed — I can’t live like that,”

When Did Liz and Brice Get Back Together?

Despite facing conflicts and challenges in their relationship, Liz and Brice’s relationship quickly intensified when they discovered they were expecting their first child together. They were living separately and working on their relationship, and later on, the news of the pregnancy accelerated their bond.

Liz shared with her parents over breakfast that she and Brice had reunited and that she was 21 weeks pregnant. They decided to nurture and build a bright future for their child. Do not miss out on reading: Are Tonesa Welch and Terry still going strong despite the odds in 2024?


Despite the challenges “7 Little Johnsons” stars, Liz and Brice, have faced, they are still together in 2024. Their relationship represents their commitment to each other.

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