Are Mary and Romain Still Together? What Challenges Have Mary and Romain Faced Together?

Mary Fitzgerald and Romain Bonnet are the stars of the popular Netflix series “Selling Sunset. Their relationship during the filming of the series has captivated viewers since their romance blossomed on screen. Many individuals are left wondering: are Mary and Romain still together?

They all are speculating and spreading rumors on various social media platforms due to the lack of accurate details but now you have come across at right destination. I have uncovered their current relationship status and all the challenges they faced. Let’s take a deep dive into this post without wasting much time and effort.

Who Are Mary and Romain?

Mary Fitzgerald and Roamain Bonnet are the stars of the popular Netflix series, Selling Sunset. They both have met each other during the filming of the series. In the beginning, they both develop mutual understanding and a sense of belongingness for each other.

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Later on, their friendship blossomed into romance. They both have an intense love for each other. The audience is captivated by the show as they are always curious about the love life intricacies of Mary and Romain as he is the favorite cast member of individuals worldwide.

are mary and romain still togetherare mary and romain still together

What is Selling Sunset All About?

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Selling Sunset is a compelling American reality television series. It is created for Netflix by Adam DiVello. The intriguing narrative of the series revolves around the story associated with the Oppenheim Group, which is a high-end real estate brokerage firm in the Los Angeles area. Their offices are also in West Hollywood and Newport Beach.

However, they navigate the personal and professional lives of the group of agents. On March 21, 2019, the show was premiered. Since its release, it has received widespread recognition worldwide. There are seven seasons of the series till now. It has got positive ratings and reviews from the masses on platforms such as 6.6 out of 10 on IMDB and 63% on Rotten Tomatoes.

Are Mary and Romain Still Together?

Happily, Mary and Romain both are still together. Mary confined his relationship status with Romain publically that she was still with him and he was helping her to face the challenges of her emotional and physical state because of the loss of their baby. However, she specified that she and Romain had learned a lot of things.

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She was pregnant after a trip to Bali with Domain in December 2022 and then nine weeks later, she went through with her miscarriage. She said, “When we were in Bali, we were very relaxed and had a great time. We were just in a very zen state of mind, and it was just incredible. We were so excited and I really didn’t think about the possibility — I should have — but I didn’t really think about the possibility of the pregnancy not going through.”

She also highlights the efforts made by Romain during her critical condition. He helped her through the period after the miscarriage. She had a septic miscarriage in which she faced a uterine infection that happened one to two days after the miscarriage.

She explained, “I can’t ask for a better partner. He’s just very, very thoughtful and sensitive to the whole situation, and he just tried to take care of me the best [way] possible, and I’m like, honey, you’re going through this too.” Before proceeding further, take a look at, Whether Brock and Scheana are still together amidst rumors and speculation.

are mary and romain still togetherare mary and romain still together

How Did Mary Explain the Discovery of Her Miscarriage?

In Season 7, Episode 6 of “Selling Sunset,” Mary confided in Amanza about her miscarriage with Romain’s baby. Mary explained that they went to an ultrasound appointment to listen to the heartbeat and find out the baby’s gender, only to learn at that moment that she was no longer pregnant.

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She elaborated, “We thought it’d be an exciting day, and we were excited to go. She started doing the ultrasound, and I’ve seen that look before. She started doing it and she was like, ‘Um… OK, why don’t we do a vaginal one? This one isn’t really working. I’ll be able to see better.’ I already got that sinking feeling, and I’m like, ‘You don’t see the heartbeat?’ She’s like, ‘Um, n-no. I just feel numb right now. I go from crying to just numb.”

She added, “I don’t know what the normal time frame is to get over something like this, and I just keep moving forward and trying to put a smile on my face and act like everything’s OK, but it doesn’t feel OK. Shit.” Amanza asked Romain in the interview how he was doing. He explained, “I want her to be good. Before me.”

Mary continued, “Romain’s everything. I love him so much. He’s the best husband ever. One day, we’ll be able to have a family together. I hope.” Do not miss out on reading, Aspyn and Parker’s relationship status. Are they still together or not?


Mary Fitzgerald and Romain Bonnet’s relationship, showcased in “Selling Sunset,” highlighted the enduring love and commitment. Despite the challenges and drama of reality TV, they are still together and happily growing and evolving.

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