Ashanti Regional Inter-Schools Soccer Competition postponed due to NSA demands

The Ashanti Regional Inter-Schools Soccer Competitions have been postponed due to NSA demands.

The up and coming Ashanti Regional Schools and Colleges Soccer Competition have been deferred to next semester in perspective on the tussle between the Federation and the National Sports Authority.

The Schools and Colleges Sports alliance and the National Sports Authority are yet to arrive at a trade-off over the payment of the office which appeared to have deferred the Boy’s soccer competition. Authorities have chosen that the challenge is delayed to right on time next semester (one year from now).

The Federation is cheerful that the issue would be tackled genially inside this period. The explicitly the competition may be arranged in Mid January while the sports competition will move to late February 2020.

A press release from The Ashanti Regional Inter-schools Soccer Competitions Authorities.

The National Sports Authority is requesting the whole of 20,000 Ghana Cedis for the utilization of the Stadium office on an everyday schedule, a sum the Federation considers very unbelievably.

The 32 schools contending in the round of 32 have been truly planning for the challenge without knowing the accurate beginning date.

The Federation has now attested that challenge will presently move to next semester to join entomb schools and universities games competitions which will make the semester a stuffed one.

Normally, the soccer will be played before to give some separation between the two significant competitions.

The National Sports Authority guarantees that they have proposed a sharing configuration to authorities of GES on the entryway continues which has been denied by the Regional Federation Head.

The NSA Boss has been hanging on for a cosmic increment in the entryway charges of the Stadium office dependent on his perception of participation at the Super Zonals.

A case the Federation limits as not a reasonable impression of others ineffectively went to competitions.

Source: GhanaGuardian

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