Ashanti Regional SRC (ARSRC) Opens Nomination For All Executive Positions 2020/2021: Here’s How You Can Apply

The Ashanti Regional Students Representative Council is currently receiving applications from qualified form two gold track and green track students interested in serving as Regional Executives for the various portfolios in the Council.

Regional Executive Positions including President, Secretary and Trustees are all available. Zonal Positions, Literary Group Positions, Writers and Debaters Society positions as well as Editorial Committee are all available for interested students.

Interested students can complete and submit their forms online without coming to the office. This is to ensure compliance with Covid-19 protocols and avoid physical contact.

Interested students are to submit their nomination fee to the official contact of the Coordinator for a username and password which can be used to access the Online Application Portal.

Applicants must have a passport picture ready for upload before completing the form.

 ARSRC Online Executive Nomination Forms Active Now
Form 2 students interested in completing their Executive Application Forms Online can do so from any location by going through this procedure.

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  1. Pay the required amount by momo (0243543152) with your full name as the Reference Number
  2. Call 0243543152 after that for your Username and Password to access the online application portal
  3. Complete the Application Online and submit.
  4. Ensure that you have a passport (JPEG) ready for upload it before completing the form.
  5. Secretariat will be alerted after submission

All applicants must seek the consent of their Local SRC Patron before applying because Patrons will be contacted for their endorsement.

You can use your username and password to login into the link above.

Private vetting will be organized at a later date for all applicants.