Authorities of Mfantsipim School rejects ‘self-placed’ students

Mfantsipim School

The authorities of all- boys boarding secondary school in Cape-coast,Mfantsipim School has made a turning action against stranded students who have been self-placed under the Computerized School Selection and Placement System (CSSPS).

These students took advantage of the Senior High School (SHS) placement module between Monday and Thursday but the school is unable to offer them admission.

The Ministry of Education have tasked the school to nullify all self-placement on Wednesday and re-instituted it on Thursday, asking all self-placed students to start the process afresh.

Aggrieved parents of students seeking admission in the school have argued that the school had already presented to them a prospectus, which according to them is an attestation that they have a contract with the school to admit their wards.

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In a communique through press release,made some parents of Green batch students,to take a step in follow of the process, traveling from across the country to Cape-coast to get their wards enrolled in the school,hereby making statements that they know not what the Ministry of Education’ decision is. An insight into this matter, revealed that the list, which the education ministry presented to the school did not include students who were previously placed in the school themselves.

Following the action of the school, authorities rejoin these “self-placed” students,the parents of these stranded students have refused to vacate the premises of the school until the school accept on enrolling their wards.



The note, which was sighted by the Daily Graphic, was signed by the school’s headmaster and read: “Please go to the placement portal for reapply to all students who made self-placement from September 9 to 11, 2019.”Technical glitch happened, but it was rectified.

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This is a GES recommendation for the general public, parents and students. The names of the students impacted are not included in the list posted on the table. Sorry for any drawbacks.

They are therefore asking the management of the school to iron out the differences with the Ministry of Education since they(parents) are having a feeling that the school want to wrongly admit other students who were not self-placed in the school through a process called,”protocol”;a terminology used in admission processes