Barbecue Showdown Cast Includes Chef Oprah Winfrey Claims Makes ‘best Mac And Cheese’

Netflix turns up the heat in 2023 with a brand new season of sizzling competition series The American Barbecue Showdown. Surf and Turf challenges are so close we can almost taste them so let’s find out more about the Barbecue Showdown cast.

Expect flames, flavors, and the introduction of The Trench – a huge open-fire cooking area where each cook will showcase their mastery of fire.

Eight contestants are ready to impress the judges but only one can be crowned the Great American Pitmaster. Kevin Bludso and Melissa Cookston are judging season 2 and Michelle Buteau appears as host.

Barbecue Showdown contestants walk through double doors - Thyron Mathews, Cindy Hayter, Delilah Winder, Michelle Lundstrom, Joey Victorian, Eduardo Gonzalez, and Logan Sandoval
© 2023

The American Barbecue Showdown cast

Thyron Mathews

Thyron Mathews barbecues on open fire wearing plaid shirt and apron
© 2023

Thyron Mathews, AKA Big T, has dreams of retiring from his jail warden job and barbecuing full-time.

He says: “This is the competition to win.”

Barbecuing puts Big T in a “happy place,” and he’s even happier when people are enjoying his food.

Cindy Hayter

Cindy Hayter prepares meat wearing gloves and an apron looking down at food on Barbecue Showdown
© 2023

Cindy Hayter, 57, describes herself as a bad*** during episode 1 of the Netflix show.

She said: “When I come up, people are scared.”

Cindy has won around 19 grand championships, but American Barbecue Showdown could be her biggest challenge yet.

Delilah Winder

Delilah Winder wears apron holding crab on Barbecue Showdown
© 2023

Delilah Winder aims to “wow” the judges with one of her best recipes on Barbecue Showdown.

Speaking on the Netflix show she said one of her “greatest accomplishments” was “getting awarded best macaroni and cheese in the country on The Oprah Winfrey Show.”

It appears that she’s in it to win it, as when the $50,000 prize fund was announced, Delilah Winder said she was ready to “pass out.”

Michelle Lundstrom

Michelle hails from Long Island and says that she follows in her father’s footsteps as she uses sauce in all her cooking.

Speaking on the Netflix series, she said: “My dad was like a huge sauce guy, so if we had a barbecue, he would have his own barbecue sauce that he would lather on everything, so now that’s me…”

She’s a stay-at-home mom who says her multitasking skills could help her out in the competition.

Joey Victorian

Joey Victorian says that barbecue, to him, “is community.”

He’s taking part in the show to impress not only the judges but everyone else, too.

Joey is known as the “Tri-tip King of Texas.”

Eduardo Gonzalez

Eduardo began barbecuing two and a half years before taking part in the series.

He’s relatively new to the world of barbecue but “loves using live fire” to cook.

Eduardo is ready to make his dreams come true on the Netflix show.

Logan Sandoval

Logan has a culinary background and said that he was “on track to be an executive chef by the age of 32,” but he’s quite new to barbecue.

The Barbecue Showdown cast member says he has Japanese and Hawaiian roots and grew up in a Hispanic kitchen.

Logan takes inspiration from his stepmother to create his first recipe on the Netflix show.

John Boy Caddell

John Caddell holds meat in hands wearing apron and hat
© 2023

John Boy says that he lives “up in the mountains,” and grows his own herbs and vegetables.

He hadn’t met anyone from New York before until he met his Barbecue Showdown co-star Michelle.

Speaking on the Netflix show, he says he has 20 years of experience barbecuing: “People may perceive me as not a very intelligent hill billy but I really know how to cook barbecue.”


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