BECE 2020 Cut-Off Point: Everything You Need To Know

BECE 2020 Cut-Off point will be a reality when WAEC releases the BECE 2020 results. Although the 2020 BECE registration is about commencing, and the examination is almost seven months from today it is important that candidates are taught how to set personal examination targets for themselves and work hard at them. This can help them escape any BECE 2020 Cut-Off Point that may emerge. 

Today, the BECE 2020 Cut-Off point may not be easily noticeable but it existed in many ways. Some candidates passed their 2019 BECE but were not placed, others failed in English or Mathematics and were also not placed. These are all cut off points in disguise.

Just as employees have targets to meet, every student in JHS3 and due for BECE 2020 must set his or her result target or grade targets at least 6 months to the examination. Targets ignite a level of seriousness and determination in students.

A school can set a worse grade per subject for JHS3 candidates to be grade 3 in every subject and challenge students and teachers to work hard to do better and constantly break such targets. This can be followed by pushing the worse grade to grade 2 per subject to further challenge candidates. 

In setting these targets which we are calling the BECE 2020 Cut-Off Point, students must be helped to work hard by their teachers and parents. School owners, the GES and headteachers must motivate teachers to give off their best. Intrinsic motivation and none monetary rewards make teaches give off their best.

Headteachers must inspire their teachers and encourage them to give off their best rather than create tension within the work environment. 

Six months is a long way from now and setting targets and working at them will increase their chances of coming out with good results.

Teachers in various schools have a critical role to play in inspiring students from now. The practice of schools and teachers waiting until the eleventh hour to start teaching students how to pass examinations, how to learn effectively and how to answer questions must be a thing of the past. 

Right before the would-be 2020 BECE candidates write their first term examinations in December, teachers must be educating their students on basic learning skills, how to answer questions in each of the nine subjects they are studying as well as the meaning of the keywords used in typical questions per subjects. 

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For each mock the candidates will write, the candidates and the teachers must set mutual targets and work at it. End of term examinations and mocks written by candidates should be plotted to help study the trend of performance and come out with ways of improving performance.

This way the student’s performance can be analyzed and the needed plans and strategies put in place to help them improve if they are falling below the basic target or standard the school has. 

In some schools, pupils are expected to score a minimum of 75% in every exam. If the performance of the students is lower than this, then the school is likely to perform poorly at the BECE. Taking interest in the improvements or and the academic work of candidates can help come out with strategies to help them excel. 

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