Benefits of Solving WASSCE/BECE Past Questions and not ‘APOR’

Past questions have become a part of every examination candidates must-do while preparing for an exam. People have varied opinions about its importance and if it is a norm that should be encouraged. Regardless of which side of the divide you stand, past questions help determine one’s preparedness for an examination.

This week, the government of Ghana announced that it is has procured over 400 sets of past questions and answer booklets from the West African Examination Council, to be distributed to the first batch of beneficiaries of the free senior high school policy.
However, currently, there are electronic versions available such as www.

Apor an is e-test taking platform with an inbuilt timer designed to help BECE candidates study better. It is convenient and easy to use. All one needs to sign up is some data and a smartphone or laptop. One of its key benefits is, it allows you to solve past questions at your convenience. 

One important benefit of solving past questions is that it tests your preparedness for an examination. Solving past questions helps students determine or gauge if they are adequately prepared for an examination.

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It also helps examination candidates test their understanding of lessons, topics and subjects. Preparing for a major examination is never an easy task. There are many topics, lessons and subjects that need to be covered in order to excel in an examination. Thus, solving past questions helps you to know what areas need more attention or what areas examination questions are likely to come from.
In addition, it also helps to test speed in terms of allotted examination time. Past questions usually come with allotted time for each paper. Solving past questions on a daily basis will help you test how much time to spend on questions or paper.

Furthermore, it also helps you familiarize yourself with examination style questions which are sometimes different from your regular class tests. The style of setting questions in some major examinations such as WASSCE or BECE often differs from what students might be used to in their class tests. In some cases, some of the questions are repeated during the examination, making it easy to quickly answer when encountered.
There are other worthy of note things to do while preparing for exams and this is one with a few of its benefits. BECE candidates can also visit

You can visit inset link