Boarding house life in our Senior High Schools(SHS) questioned.


Kindly, the senior high school (SHS) position procedure is just about wrapping up. In the course of recent weeks or something like that, different parental solicitations have come in thick and quick, principally for difference in school and change of residency status (day to boarding).

Despite the fact that there are around 520,000 spaces in our 721 open second cycle foundations for the 473,000 understudies who qualified to be set for the current year, the test has been that of dispersion, with numerous understudies put in their second, third, fourth or fifth decision school looking for an exchange to a school they favor better.

Once upon a time

In the no so distant past, boarding status was the default setting in our subsequent cycle schools. Day status was by decision. In certain schools, kids whose guardians lived on grounds, just as the individuals who lived right over the street, were generally found in the lodging and it was anything but an issue in light of the fact that there was space and the numbers were littler.

Generally, in light of the fact that our great schools are not equitably spread, boarding was nearly de rigueur for students to get to great training. Adequately it ended up elegant for everybody to be in lodging. Justifiably, in this way, pretty much every Ghanaian youngster needs to go to all inclusive school at auxiliary level, and guardians lean toward it as well.

This year, each understudy needed to choose, necessarily, day status for their fifth decision, a school of whatever classification that the person in question could helpfully go to as a day understudy. However some of those put in their fifth decision school looked for a difference in residency status.

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Parental reasons


One parent disclosed to me two or three weeks back that all her child did after school when in JHS was to play football, and that she accepted he required the control of a lodging. Another griped that getting his child up promptly in the first part of the day to do housework and plan for school was a bad dream. He realized that in life experience school the kid would not be permitted to make the most of his rest past 4.30 a.m.

Some refered to travel costs. For other people, particularly in Accra and Kumasi, the good ways from home to class implied the youngster awakening at 4 a.m. to make it to class.

With the ascent in the all inclusive community throughout the years and the comparing ascend in the quantity of kids looking for access to auxiliary school, it has turned out to be inescapable that more understudies have needed to go during the time course, given that loading up offices have not extended relatively. What’s more, it’s not modest.

Boarding space available to be purchased?

There have been recommendations that the all inclusive educational system has outlasted its handiness and that we should move toward western culture, where senior high school understudies go to class on a day premise in their locale, and that the individuals who need to be in motel need to pay for that office.

I don’t think we should sentence a kid to a specific school just by the mishap of geology when dissimilar to those different nations, we have such genuine inconsistencies in school quality. It implies a kid living in Cape Coast will be spoilt for decision though another at Mpasatia will have just a single decision.

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Until we have the nature of good schools spread the nation over giving day access to each youngster inside driving separation, I don’t think an all inclusive day framework is reasonable.

On the issue of paying for boarding status, what this implies, adequately is commodifying our boarding frameworks for just the individuals who can pay, as opposed to giving access to the individuals who really need it. For example, the rich youngster who lives not far off at Legon and likes live-in school in close by Achimota School or Presec only for the experience or comfort will get to in light of the fact that Daddy can pay.

Then again, a poor youngster in my local Ankaase, where there is no school tantamount to either school inside driving separation yet who fits the bill for one of them and can’t pay for lodging there, will pass up a great opportunity and need to make due with a far less-enriched school.

It is perilous to permit our lodgings to turn into the play area of the rich and advantaged.The national mind is inseparably welded to the boarding senior secondary school idea, and justifiably so. The substances of today infer some crisp, inventive intuition to guarantee that the individuals who truly need it are not forgotten about. Yet, it doesn’t, and ought not, incorporate destroying it through and through. We can live with a half and half framework.

By Rodney Nkrumah-Boateng