BruceDropEmOff resigns from OTK less than a year after joining

Published: 2023-01-24T23:05:41

Updated: 2023-01-24T23:05:51

Twitch streamer Bruce ‘BruceDropEmOff’ Condones revealed he has chosen to resign from OTK, leaving the company less than a year after first joining.

BruceDropEmOff announced his departure from OTK via Twitter, with the streamer revealing that, “I have officially resigned from OTK, thank you for everything.” Despite only having just posted about his retirement, the Twitter post already has multiple comments of support from members of OTK.

The official account for the group writes,“thanks for everything, Bruce, DEO to the top.” As well as this, TipsOut – the co-founder and COO of OTK,  wrote “wish you the best, brother. So proud of you.”

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Condones joined OTK back in March 2022, the content creator having developed a devoted legion of fans in recent times thanks to the large variety of content he streams on Twitch. 

Between developing his very own clothing line to streaming Among Us with the likes of rapper Soulja Boy, BruceDropEmOff has a large range of content. At the time of writing, it Condones has over 1.2 million followers on Twitch.

This departure means that Bruce was part of OTK for less than a year before parting ways. When he was first brought in, OTK co-founder and owner Esfand said “I’ve known Bruce for a few years now, from doing some shows with him in his early days on Twitch,” adding that, “he comes from a different corner of the site’s community, but his sense of humor and demeanor fits right in with the rest of us in OTK.

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The reason for BruceDropEmOff resigning from OTK is yet to be revealed. However, we’ll be sure to keep you updated when more information is made available.

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