Camille Vasquez bashed over remarks on Amber Heard’s testimony in new documentary | Read


Camille Vasquez tore her notes on the Brilliant Heard ad because she said Johnny Depp was needlessly a failure or high in her follow-up in a new story Johnny vs. Brilliant: The United States Primer.

The legal advisor to the performers of The Privateers of the Caribbean analyzed the Aquaman star’s ad, saying, “This is part of the case that I will never understand.”

“Either he’s lousy and loud and ill-equipped to stand up, or he’s drunk and loud and everything behind her, interest her, blows the field? She basically just doesn’t look at her,” she added.

Vasquez’s comments were honestly investigated by internet-based entertainment for being “ignorant” and an “embarrassing phenomenon”.

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“What a distinctly unfamiliar dispute,” one customer made on Reddit. “Very typical of people who are intoxicated or who go after others.”

Furthermore, the note read “If that’s really the perception of this, I’d think how good someone like her would have been to graduate from high school.”


“Do the exceptional Camille, and keep up with the setback constantly blaming you as you do,” another one created.

The Legitimate Guide’s notes were also discussed on Twitter with one of them expressing this: “Imagine being that careless. She was clearly seen as never being around an addict. This assertion has been ridiculous in the past.”

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“I really despise Camille Vasquez looking at how she wraps all her armor [domestic violence] And the [intimate assistant violence] It starts with speculation and setbacks denouncing the vernacular,” another tweeted.

She added, “No one would treat her seriously if her goal wasn’t great, she’s really shocking at her specific work.”


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