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The Sprite Ball 2020 Championship

The 2020 Sprite Ball Championship was filled with activity as Day One of the championships saw some shockers and some new teams make their debut appearance at the annual basketball gala.

In the opening day of the games, male and female championship defending champions posted mixed results.

In the very first game of this year’s tournament, Mfantsipim School was trumped after being defeated 24-32 by members of the Volta Area, Keta Business College at El Wak Stadium in Accra.

Kwabotwe and Ketabusco Boys’

Kumasi Girls ‘ defending champions had to fight back to defeat challengers, Bueman Senior High School as they prevailed 19-16 in the opening game.

West Africa SHS making a name for themselves.

West Africa Senior High School (WASS), located in Accra, made an emphatic declaration in the championship this year after qualifying for the next round of the competition.

WASS recorded a straightforward win over new entrants in the 2020 Sprite Ball Championship from last year’s finalists, Asuom Senior High School.


They swept away their Eastern Region opponents winning 37-14 with Courage Dogbe and orchestrated the easy win with Minai.

For Kumasi-based academy, Prempeh College, West Africa SHS was too powerful as they overcome a 12-point deficit to win 24-21 in their second game.

WASS fell 21-10 in the first half but pulled a spectacular in the second half to secure promotion to the championship quarter-finals.

Five-time Sprite Ball champions, Mfantsipim School (Botwe) had a day one to forget as they had to suffer a defeat at Keta Business College.

Nevertheless, Botwe made a strong declaration regarding their dominance when they laid leaders of the Western District, Sekondi University, to bed.

Mfantsipim School obliterated a 49-8 win from Sekondi College in order to hold their dreams of winning their trophy intact.

By driving several layups and free throws home, Gabriel Hammond helped the defending champions achieve a cruising victory.

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Adisadel College triumph over Osu Presec One time champion, Osu Presec endured their first loss to Cape Coast giants, Adisadel College, in the basketball gala of the high school.

The Zebra boys triumphed over their rivals at an end-to-end clash, prevailing 26-23 to obtain a peek into the next round of the tournament.

Tough Adisco

After St. John’s win in “Battle of the Catholics” St. John’s School, Opoku Ware finishes second, Sekondi emerged victors as they showed character to beat St. Paul’s SHS.

OWASS and St.Johns’,Sekondi

The Saints earned a crucial 34-21 victory in the “Battle of the Catholics ” tie.

Ashanti Regional School, Opoku Ware School finished second in Group B after losing their second game at St. John’s College, who ended with a 100% win rate as group leaders.

2016 In their first contest, the Sprite Ball champions had to fight back to beat St. Paul SHS.

Girl’s League Report: St. Louis SHS wins two out of three games in the girls ‘ Division, St. Louis Senior High School reports two out of three victories.

St.Louis Girls’ in the tournament

They emerged victors with a score of 32-14 in their first game versus Accra Wesley Girls ‘ High School.

The girls then dropped their second game in a dramatic match at Cape Coast, Wesley Girls ‘ High School. We have been overcome by only one.

After reporting a victory over Shama Senior High in a 24-17 game, St. Louis snatched qualification.

The hanging of Cape Coast Wesley Girls on the fringes of Cape Coast Wesley Girls needs an emphatic win over the Day Two of the 2020 Sprite Ball Championship for Accra Wesley Girls.

The ladies who acknowledged that they wanted but a loss after collecting only one victory in two games to create amazing basketball players in the ladies section.

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Since beating Accra Wesley Boys, they lost their first game to Shama Senior High School who has two victories.

2019/20 National Girls’ Champions – Shama SHS.

A strong win will see the progress of Cape Coast Wesley Girls on head-to-head numbers at the cost of either Shama SHS or St. Louis SHS.

Kumasi Girls and Krobo are sparkling champions of Defending, Kumasi Girls are looking to make it a third straight Sprite Ball Championship assertion after posting three straight wins.

The conquered 19-15 Bueman SHS handed over 21-18 loss to Krobo Girls and piped a powerful-looking Presec, Osu in a 27-12 win.

Day One results:

Ladies division

Group A

Kumasi Girls vs Bueman SHS (19-15)

Krobo Girls’ vs Osu, Presec (20-27)

Osu, Presec vs Kumasi Girls’ (12-27)

Osu, Presec vs Bueman SHS (24-20)

Kumasi Girls vs Krobo Girls’ (21-18)

Bueman vs Krobo (To be played)

Group B

Shama vs C-Wesley Girls’ (11-7)

A-Wesley Girls’ vs St. Louis (14-32)

St. Louis vs Shama (24-17)

St. Louis vs C-Wesley Girls’ (15-16)

Shama vs A-Wesley Girls’ (17-9)

C-Wesley Girls’ vs A-Wesley Girls (To be played)

Men’s division

Group A

Ketabusco vs Mfantsipim (32-24)

Mfantsipim vs Sekondi College (49-8)

Ketabusco vs Sekondi College (37-19)

Group B

Opoku Ware vs St. Paul’s (30-27)

St. John’s vs Opoku Ware (30-27)

St. Paul’s vs St. John’s (21-34)

Group C

Osu Presec vs Pope John (30-22)

Adisadel vs Osu Presec (26-23)

Pope John vs Adisadel (To be played)

Group D

WASS vs Asuom (37-14)

Prempeh College vs WASS (21-24)

Asuom vs Prempeh (To be played)

Which schools have qualified

Ladies division:

Kumasi Girls’ High School.

Krobo Girls’ Senior High School

Men’s division:

Keta Business College.

John’s School.

Mfanstipim School.

Opoku Ware.

West Africa Senior High

Quarterfinals pairings

Keta Business College vs Opoku Ware

Mfanstipim School vs St. John’s School