“Clone,” Damar Hamlin replies to rumors of him being dead and a body double being used in his place

Damar Hamlin showed up at the most recent Buffalo Bills vs Cincinnati Bengals game, stoking the ridiculous rumours that a body double took his place and he was actually dead

Following his first public appearance during the Bills vs. Bengals Sunday Night Football game, Damar Hamlin is the most recent celebrity to be the target of an absurd theory. Although his team lost 27-10, supporters were upbeat as they saw the safety for the first time since his scary heart collapse mid-game on January 2.

Damar Hamlin replies to rumors of him being dead and a body double clone being used in his place after his injury

After spending a week in critical condition and using a ventilator at the University Of Cincinnati Medical Center, the NFL star was transferred from a Buffalo hospital to a different facility on January 11. Crazy tales claimed that he was replaced by a body double as he waved to spectators from a window, or even worse, that he had passed on the field and been cloned. Damar responded to the false charges on Twitter, refusing to accept them.

Damar Hamlin cancels the obscene body double rumour

The 24-year-old Buffalo player uploaded a selfie of himself in front of his just unveiled painting. It appears that the ninja emoji captioning was a response to the outlandish body double claim. The red tracksuit and puffer vest he wore for his appearance at the Bills game is still on him.

After learning that Damar had been discharged from the hospital, Adam Zyglis made the piece of art. It is around 15 minutes from Highmark Stadium, the home of Darmar, to Larkin Square. Josh Federice, the artist, claims that it is a vinyl print that was heated and applied to the brick wall. The image depicts Hamlin making a heart-shaped symbol with his hands while wearing his characteristic uniform and bearing his number.

Fans can’t stand baseless theory.

The severity of Hamlin’s wounds, which some theorists claim cannot heal so quickly, have led some to conclude that he has died. Additionally, the sportsman has not yet agreed to interviews or fully shown his face in paparazzi images.

However, neither his family nor the hospitals have ever acknowledged his demise. There is absolutely no proof to support the rumours, and he even paid a visit to his squad in the locker room. One fan wrote angrily, “[Individuals] that believe Damar Hamlin died and it’s a clone now are the dumbest people I’ve ever seen.”


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