COVID-19: Danger looms as University of Ghana students complain of problems of E-Learning


As the novel Coronavirus continues to rampage, leaving world economies in jeopardy. Schools have been put on hold in almost every country in the world, leaving some universities and colleges with options of e-learning. This option of e-learning has been adopted by some universities and colleges across the globe. 

In Ghana, many universities have adopted this initiative and have moved all their courses online. University of Ghana Legon, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology(KNUST), and University of Cape Coast(UCC) are among universities in Ghana who have migrated to e-learning platforms.

In the University of Ghana, the e-learning platform Sakai has been employed to help in the teaching and learning online, with zoom and Cisco Webex Meeting been utilized as a video conferencing forum for teacher-student interactions. 

Test and quizzes feature in the Sakai e-learning platform has been the most of all the problems associated with Sakai. This is a result of how all students in departments in the university are asked to login at the same time to take tests or quizzes thereby slowing down the system. This results in automatic submissions of unfinished answers leading to downgrading. In case you are not able to finish before the time you are not graded at all. 

This problem has led to anger and frustration among students of the University of Ghana at their lecturers and professors as they are downgraded for what is not their fault. Some who live in villages with low network connectivity are also making cases of discrimination against them. 

What do you think should be done? Is e-learning the best platform now. Comment your thoughts on the subject. More comments and sharing will attract an exclusive interview with the Vice-Chancellor of the University of Ghana on the subje

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