COVID-19: Ghana performs it’s first 2 autopsies on dead bodies

Ghana on Thursday morning conducted two autopsies on two Covid-19 bodies to help unravel the mysteries surrounding a virus that has killed thousands worldwide and derailed the global economy.

The move pathologists say is to help improve treatment of survivors in Ghana and possibly the world.

In what could potentially change the treatment of coronavirus cases in Ghana and also contribute to international efforts, the Director of Institutional Care Division at the Ghana Health Service Dr Samuel Kaba Akoriyea put together a team of Pathologists from Ghana Health Service and 37 Military Hospital who conducted the one hour 30 minutes autopsy at the Ga East District hospital.

Speaking exclusively to Joynews Latif Iddris after the autopsy, Col. Dr Attoh and Dr Roxana P Segborwotso said, the move could be a breakthrough in the Covid-19 war.

On his part, Dr Kaba said life must be understood backwards but lived forward, therefore, the need to listen to the language of the dead to improve the present and the future.

This according to him will certainly help to better understand the disease and associated co-morbidities to help provide the appropriate management.

Dr. Kaba also ask for Ghanaians to open up to postmortem as a means to improve the country’s health system and congratulated the families of the deceased for accepting the performance of the autopsy on thier kinsmen.

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