COVID-19: Mansoman SHS allow school to be used as Isolation Centre

Health authorities at the Amansie West District of the Ashanti Region have set up a Covid-19 isolation centre at the Mansoman Senior High School.

Authorities say it is a proactive decision to prevent any surprises in the district’s preparedness in the fight against the pandemic.

Some health facilities have also been earmarked as “holding places” to handle suspected cases of COVID-19 before they are moved to the isolation centres.

District Health Director, Dr. Bernad Badu Bediako says, two dormitories, one for males and the other for females, will serve the purpose.

“When samples are taken at the holding place and labs are done and the results are negative, we would have to move them to an isolation centre,” he said.

The district also has a rapid response team on Covid-19 which undertakes public education, among other activities in local communities.

So far, samples from suspected cases in the district due to mass exodus of people into the area have all turned negative.

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“Active and passive surveillance at all levels are going on well’’, Dr. Badu Bediako added.

Member of Parliament for the area, Professor Joseph Albert Quarm, has been distributing protective gear and sanitary materials to residents.

Professor Quarm says the district will soon procure thermometer guns to help in the fight against the virus.

According to him, fighting against the Covid-19 is a shared responsibility.

” It is the responsibility of everyone to make sure PPEs are available for public use.”

He cited cases in UK, USA among others as unfortunate lessons that Ghanaians must learn from so as to stay vigilant.