Elon Musk Is Building A Tiny Town For His Employees

He’s also consulting Grimes and Kanye West on the project.

Elon Musk is known for his bizarre ideas (and putting money behind him), but this may be one of his most ambitious projects. The billionaire is reportedly developing a small town for his employees in Texas.

According to the Wall Street Journal, land records show that Elon recently bought over 3,500 acres of land just outside of Austin, Texas, most of which is farm and pasture. For comparison, this is roughly four times the size of Central Park.

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The publication says he wants to create “a sort of Texas utopia along the Colorado River, where his employees could live and work.”


He reportedly plans to build the town next to SpaceX and Boring Co. facilities. There’s already development on the land, including modular homes, an outdoor sports area, a gym, and a pool.

There’s also a sign that says “Welcome, snailbrook, tx, est. 2021.” Snailbrook is the mascot for Elon’s Boring Co. and some reports suggest this is the planned name for the town.

Elon isn’t building the town alone, but who he’s looking towards for advice is turning heads. The billionaire is reportedly in close consult with his off-and-on partner Grimes (the pair share two children but broke up last year).

He’s also reportedly talking to Kanye West about the plans. Ye’s reputation took a nosedive last year in the wake of anti-semitic and anti-black remarks. His businesses suffered, including his long-standing partnership with Adidas, causing Kanye to lose his billionaire status.

Now, Kanye is involved in a variety of legal and financial issues, causing skepticism over Elon’s decision to involve him in his new project.

Reports say that Elon met with Grimes and Kanye multiple times to specifically discuss the tiny town, which includes “broad ideas for the city’s look and survey some mock-ups, but none of those plans have reportedly come to fruition yet.”

It’s unclear if Elon is still currently involving Kanye in the project. Though he once endorsed the rapper’s presidential campaign, Elon eventually removed him from Twitter following his anti-semitic remarks.

Elon hasn’t directly commented on his plans to create an employees-only town. He’s reportedly keeping it under tight wraps. Though real estate records prove he officially bought the acreage, it’s unclear at what stage of development the town is in. And with Elon’s reported financial troubles, it may not be a smooth process.

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