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Agent Elvis hit Netflix this weekend, filming the king’s fantasy spy adventures with his cocaine-snorting rambunctious monkey. Although the show is loose with history for entertainment purposes, chimpanzee Tom Kenny is actually based on Elvis Presley’s scandalous pet of the same name. The star purchased his first spider monkey named Jayhew in 1956 to “liven up” the already animal-infested Graceland. Then in 1961, he decided to buy a bigger one – a chimpanzee named Scatter that was originally part of a local Memphis Saturday morning TV show. According to the wonderful Elvis, Eddie Design’s Skater was a “very fresh, mischievous” monkey who was always no good. Although King loved the pet, his joy was not shared by any of his friends or the Memphis mafia employees surrounding him.

The scatter bothered some of the people working on Elvis movies, too. During the early 1960s, the star worked on a slew of films in Hollywood, including G.I. Blues, Blue Hawaii, and Jailhouse Rock. Deezen revealed that King frequently brought the monkey to sets and enjoyed walking with it and carrying it between takes.

The naughty animal picked up a few quirks from being on the sets, including dressing up, breaking up rooms and even drinking whiskey. Elvis also bought a wardrobe full of suits and ties for the monkey to wear.

Scatter’s antics got a little out of control, however, when he started walking up to women on movie sets and pulling on their dresses. The animals’ drinking habits also got progressively worse with the passing of the years as the chimpanzees were often drunk and disorderly in public. He will even start to masturbate in front of people and even bite them during his most lethargic adventures.

But Scatter’s bad behavior may have ultimately led to his dramatic death. According to Disney, he “had a reputation for revenge against a servant girl who had bitten her.” King’s cousin, Billy Smith, the last surviving original member of the Memphis mafia, confirmed this gruesome story.

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According to Australian blog Elvis, Smith said, “When we took Scatter to Graceland, the maids had to feed him because we went so much. One day, a maid named Daisy came out, and she had her wig on, and that damned chimp grabbed that wig right off her head. He She scared away a few years of her life. We always thought she was poisoning him. It wouldn’t surprise me. Because it wasn’t long after the monkey died.”

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