Examination Malpractice; A Virus Eating Up Our Education System

Engaging in exam malpractice may Earn you better Grades But
If caught in the act, ruins your academic life &
If not caught deprives you of the real knowledge you paid for.

Don’t envy anyone that makes his/her papers through exam malpractice because there is an old saying “every day is for the thief but one day is for the owner”.

Exam malpractice has a huge effect on your self confidence & self satisfaction.

A). Did you know how much time,money & resources that is wasted in preparation for exam malpractice??

B). Did you know the Boom & Doom of exam malpractice??

C). Did you know the negative effect of exam malpractice on your Independence & Psychology??

Indulging in an exam malpractice simply because everyone in your class or department is into it, Is Not An Excuse.

The most appalling part is the fact that primary school pupil & secondary school students indulge in exam malpractice in order to make good grades in their external examinations like….
** Common Entrance Examination,
** WAEC (West African Examination Council )
** JAMB (Joint Admission Matriculation Board)
** NECO (National Examination Council)
While their parents pay the bills for the act, their school teachers & proprietors cover up the act so it can be recorded that the school always have good results.

But Who Is Fooling Who????

Unfortunately, it is now the norm in our higher institution because of the nature of lecturers in the system( as most of them banks on the money they will extort from the student in exchange for a better grade)

Little did you know that after graduation no one will employ your good grades, they will only employ your good skills, good brains, good Attitude.

1). Those grades you bought will never give you the Morale & satisfaction you wanted.
2). There is dignity in labour & No short cut to success.
3). Most people that are into malpractice don’t believe in what their brain can do

1). Parents & teachers please stop sponsoring bad thing all in the name
2). School proprietors & Management should ensure students are being taught the right things very well (especially my country Nigeria)
3). Students don’t always go for the easiest way, SIT DOWN & TRAIN YOUR BRAIN.

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