(Exclusive) Full Bodycam Footage Reveals The Truth In Jumanah Baskerville Eviction Arrest Case | TSR Investigates Updatez

(Exclusive) Full Bodycam Footage Reveals The Truth In Jumanah Baskerville Eviction Arrest Case | TSR Investigates Updatez

On June 17, TSR investigators cracked a file a story Around Jumana Baskervillea black mother from Atlanta who had a very disturbing encounter with county guards.

In the initial reports, it was revealed that Baskerville was confronted by police looking to enforce an eviction order for her boyfriend’s apartment that she happened to be staying in at the time.

The confrontation eventually ended with Baskerville’s arrest after officers insulted her by hitting her on the floor naked in front of her four-year-old daughter.

Authorities insist no policies have been broken, but the victim’s friend said he was not offered a court date

A spokesperson for the Fulton Marshall County Sheriff’s Office insists that no policies have been violated. However, a friend of Baskerville claims he was aware of the eviction notice, but did not set a court date.

In this episode of TSR Investigates Updatez, will full body camera footage reveal what really happened that day?

Bodycam footage, obtained exclusively by The Shade Room, shows several male Fulton County guards arriving to carry out the evacuation.


Baskerville, who was only wearing a bathrobe, could be seen becoming increasingly restless as officers asked her to put on some clothes.

She reportedly called her boyfriend, whose name is on the apartment lease and who was at work at the time of the eviction.

He initially said he had no idea he would be evicted, with Baskerville telling him the situation over the phone.

“The cops are here and they said they’re kicking me out now, like telling me to get dressed and kick me out of the house now,” she can be heard telling her boyfriend. “So you should come here by now, they’ve taken out welcome people in the hallway, and they’re about to take everything out of the ***** mother’s house.”

She then entered another room and closed the door after agreeing to put on some clothes, before one of the officers told her to “don’t close the door”.

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The situation immediately escalated after the victim followed the officer’s orders to get dressed

The situation immediately escalates, according to body cam footage, with the Baskerville Marshal shouting to “go to the bathroom and get dressed.”

Who are you talking to? Get away from me! She can be heard screaming, as the officer continues to order her to ‘get down now’ as the two wrestle on the ground.

Then Baskerville screams in pain that the marshals are breaking her arm, while her four-year-old daughter is standing nearby, watching everything play.

The Marshal tells her, “You should be ashamed of yourself,” before telling her she’s going to jail. They tried to put jeans on her, but they didn’t fit, because they belonged to her boyfriend.

“It was obvious that I wasn’t dressed,” said Justin Carter of TSR Investigates. “As soon as his body hit me, he could see that I was naked. It was humiliating and it was kind of a violation for him to put his pants on for me.”

Marshal’s arrest claims Baskerville was the aggressor, but Bodycam footage shows otherwise

Baskerville added that it might have been less of a violation if an officer had tried to put her pants on.

Another guard trying to calm Baskerville can then be seen holding her daughter’s weeping hand, while telling her she should have followed the other officer’s orders.

Then he consoles her because she too began to cry.

Her boyfriend eventually arrived to retrieve their daughter, and spoke with the arrested Marshal who claimed Baskerville was the abuser.

“I decided to fight two men**, they both had children as I had children,” said the Marshal to a friend of Baskerville. “After I shut the door on my face, no, that’s it.”

She was checked by EMTs for her arm before being transferred to the Fulton County Jail.

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All charges against Baskerville were dropped after his arrest

Baskerville told TSR Investigates that the judge and prosecutors immediately dropped the case.

When asked if she thinks she could have done anything differently to avoid this outcome. She said she followed the officer’s orders when he asked her to get dressed, adding, “He didn’t tell me where to get dressed.”

Records show that a friend of Baskerville owes about $1,600 in back rent. Bodycam footage shows that he was eventually aware of the impending eviction, but was waiting for a court date that was never given to him.

A representative from the rangers’ office told TSR Investigates that “no policies were violated,” and he hoped that by releasing the body camera footage, he would shed more light on what happened that day.

The Fulton County Jail, where Baskerville was held, is where rapper Young Thug has stayed since his arrest on Rico’s charges, shadow room I mentioned recently.

TSR Investigates explores cold cases and special interest news stories that are underrepresented in mainstream media.


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