Explained: Living a happier life in 2020 as a true Ghanaian Student and Citizen

Happiness is the best medicine

Over the past decade, we’ve learned a lot, and now we’re entering a new year, let’s call these expert ideas on how to lead a better life in 2020.

  1. Be kind–Be good as much as you look like a container that’s about to open. You never know what’s happening to someone. Turn the other cheek, even if they’re disrespectful to you. In the end, losing your temper will only damage you. The subconscious would naturally support you in the process by trying to control the frustration so many times. I’m going to warn you, it’s going to be hard at first, but you’re going to learn how to be happy and let go of the rage that’s a normal human emotion by the way. That determines your happy life is your behaviour.
  2. Talk, talk more than you’re thinking about.
    Have a genuine interest in and pay full attention to the people you think for. Put down your phone and look at it in your hand.

Ask questions about how and what’s going on in your life. Respond to your questions. Instead of thinking about yourself and taking it back to you, make them feel significant. Questions to continue the conversation: How were you?

What’s been wrong with you too?
How was your recent (insert: vacation, a project of job, recital of dance for kids).
What are your parents like?
What’s up with your kids too?
What’s your wellbeing like?
What do you think about …. (insert topic)?.

  • 4. Budget–read about budgeting. project learning. Financial issues build your life’s stress.If this year you want to be happier and more accomplished, learn how to manage your money so you don’t. How money issues can influence every aspect of your life is wonderful.
  • 5. Volunteer–don’t just talk like a better person, take action. Take action. See the local churches, soup kitchens, nursing centres, hospitals and schools for voluntary work in your area. It’s very rewarding to give your time. You’re going to feel good and better instantly.

5. Work hard–when you lie around and watch t.v, it is difficult to feel confident for yourself. Over hours at a time, take part, while continuing to play through, certain unproductive things such as video games. You get engulfed by these activities. I’ve just seen about 2 hours of TV since I launched this site. Weekly. The most important thing is that my hobby can make me a plus.