Explained: Reasons for Low Reach and Clicks on Opera News Hub

Lately, there have been questions by Opera News-Hub writers such as “Why do my articles have extremely low or no reach at all? This is a good question to ask but besides the factor of title and topic, another reason that explains this question is that we have introduced a quality dimension to our distribution algorithm.

The distribution algorithm not only considers the popularity and attractiveness of an article but also consider the quality of an article and an account. Specifically, below are some of the reasons

  1. Account quality ratings:
    We are in the process of assigning quality ratings to each account which has enough articles.
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The quality ratings on account are based on several factors, such as rejection rate, quality of recent articles. The high-quality account will roughly double its distribution, and a low-quality account can get close to zero distribution.

  1. Racy or vulgar content demotion:
    Pornographic content is rejected as usual. Since sex-related or vulgar content that is not porn, can easily attract clicks, there are too many articles written and displayed to our users. To mitigate this phenomenon, our algorithm has added strong demotion to these types of articles, and many will not be distributed at all.
  2. Reading time consideration:
    Articles with longer reading time create more value to the user and hence get a boost in the distribution. Extremely short reading time, for example, less than 10 seconds, will result in close to no distribution.
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We are committed to encouraging the creation and distribution of high quality and original content from contributors on the Opera News-Hub and will continue to enhance the platform to achieve this goal.

Also, if you have an article you feel was rejected for the wrong reason, kindly send in the following…

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