Fact Check: Is Mike Williams, former Syracuse wide receiver, dead?

Syracuse Wide Collector Mike Williams in a coma, has not died
The previous Bison Bills, Tampa Sound Marauders wideout was in a mishap on a building site
More than three seasons, Williams got 133 passes for 2,044 yards and 20 scores

On Tuesday night, different reports surfaced, expressing that Mike Williams, the previous Syracuse wide recipient, had died at 36 years old.


Nonetheless, new data has arisen, with his family and specialist affirming that Williams isn’t perished yet is right now in a coma because of a building site mishap. The Tampa Straight Times talked with Tierney Lyle, the mother of Williams’ eight-year-old girl, who shared, “When we went into his room, he was in a profound rest, however he awakened after hearing our voices and the voice of his girl. He looked around, squinted, and tears gushed in his eyes, yet he stays unfit to move.”

The Tampa Cove Times, in their report on Wednesday, affirmed the proceeded with presence of Mike Williams, a Bison local and previous Syracuse football champion. This data was additionally validated by Michael Schwartz of WKBW in Bison, who alluded to Williams’ representative.

During his time at Syracuse College, Williams displayed remarkable ability and efficiency as a wide recipient. Over a range of three seasons, he pulled in 133 gatherings for 2,044 yards and scored 20 scores. Prominently, he set a school standard by getting a score pass in nine continuous games. In the archives of Syracuse football history, Williams presently positions 10th in complete gatherings, eighth in all out yards, and is tied for second spot with Marvin Harrison in score gatherings.

His remarkable presentation and ability on the field brought about his determination in the fourth round of the NFL Draft by the Tampa Cove Marauders in 2010. Williams partook in a five-season NFL profession, enjoying four seasons with the Marauders and one with his old neighborhood group, the Bison Bills. Over this period, he amassed 223 gatherings for 3,089 yards and recorded 26 scores.

Two champion seasons specifically were during his tenderfoot year and his third season, both with the Marauders. In his presentation season, Williams made 65 gatherings for 964 yards and scored 11 scores. After two years, he accomplished 63 gets for 996 yards and scored multiple times. Following an agreement expansion, the Marauders exchanged Williams to the Bills before the 2014 season. In any case, the Bills delivered him before week 17 of that year. One of Williams’ significant minutes in Bison happened in a game against the Houston Texans, where he made two gets for 84 yards, including a score.

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