Facts and History of Sonrise Christian High School (SOHISCO)

Sonrise Christian High School Ho is a privately runsenior high school located in Ho, in the Volta Region of Ghana. We are widely regarded as the best private high school in the Volta Region with a current student population of about 400.

Sonrise Christian High School is sited on a 16 acre land, off the Ho- Aflao road and our campus provides a serene learning environment to students. We offer both boarding and day options for prospective students.

We are GES approved and WAEC accredited with our own center number that allows us to write the WASSCE on our own campus. Among our state of the arts facilities are spacious classrooms, comfortable dormitories, brand new schools, 60 KVA back-up plant, and mechanized bore hole.

Sonrise Christian High School is affiliated to the Church of Christ. We are committed to transforming the lives of young people academically, spiritually, morally and physically. We believe that to provide total quality education is to reach out to the mind, body and soul of young people

Though Sonrise Christian High School is a Church of Christ affiliated school, it is open to all qualified students without any religious, tribal or economic prejudice. We do however expect all boarding students to attend Sunday morning church services and all scheduled devotional sessions.

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Mission Statement

To provide top quality Christian Education sthat instills in young people in Ghana, the fear of God, the desire to reach their highest potential and a commitment to service.


To become a nationally recognized Christian school that provides high class education in a cross cultural and diverse environment, that grooms the next generation of servant leaders.


Sonrise Christian High School was established by Joseph and Jennifer Dzamesi, in partnership with Ray and Cam Boatright on October 3rd, 2005. Although Sonrise Christian High School started in 2005, Sonrise Christian International school, which is a basic school was established in the year 1990. Sonrise basic quickly grew to become one of the best basic schools in the Volta Region.

Joseph was then finishing his education in the USA. In the year 2000, Joseph had a phone conversation with Ray Boatright.

As part of the discussion, they discussed how well the basic school was doing and all the awards they were winning. Joseph suggested that with how well the basic school was doing, it was important that it was extended to the high school level.

Ray thought it was a good idea, but suggested that it was only possible if Joseph was willing to move back home and get it started. Little did they both know that that little discussion would snowball into Sonrise Christian High School as we know it today.

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Sonrise Christian High School started with 132 students and with three programmes – General Science, General Arts, and Business (accounting Option). We started with two buildings, each building with four (4) rooms. In the eight rooms, we managed to host about eighty students on campus, create place for classes and had a room that served as office.

Today, Sonrise Christian High School is the best private high school in the Volta Region.

Below is the chronology of how Sonrise Christian High School Started.

  • 2000 – Initial discussion between Joseph Dzamesi and Ray Boatright
  • 2001 – Joseph Dzamesi wrote the first proposal for Sonrise Christian High School
  • 2001- Fundraising began and a 15 acre land was purchased in Ghana for the school
  • 2003 October Joseph arrived in Ghana
  • 2004 October – Togbe Afede XIV cut sod for construction of Sonrise High to start
  • 2004 -November – Construction of Sonrise High started

October 3rd, 2005 – Sonrise Christian High School opened to students with three programs: General Arts, General Science and Business (Accounting Options)


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