Farmer performs ‘CPR’ on gigantic python, bites its tail off –

In a captivating video circulating online, a fearless Ghanaian farmer showcased an extraordinary battle with a formidable opponent – a massive python that had invaded his farm.

The footage unfolds as the farmer fearlessly engages in a gripping tussle with the imposing serpent.

Initiating the encounter, the farmer seizes the python’s tail, setting the stage for a dramatic struggle. The formidable snake, not one to be underestimated, retaliates by attempting to bite its assailant. Undeterred, the farmer wields a machete, delivering calculated strikes to the serpent’s head as it fiercely counters.

In a surprising turn of events, the farmer manages to subdue the python by stepping on its neck.

What follows is a display of both skill and audacity as he blows air into the snake’s mouth, like the act of performing cardiopulmonary resuscitation, and even goes so far as to bite its tail.

Viewer discretion is advised

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