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Early Life, Circle of Relatives, Education Transformed Sebastian Hans Ellie “Forsen” was born on December 16, 1990, in Stockholm, Sweden. Although the Forsen community is very large and skilled, no one has managed to discover any records of his early life, education, or any information about his father, mother, siblings, or other loved ones.

Twitch Career Forsen joined Twitch on November 26, 2013 when he became a Starcraft II gambler. In 2014, he moved on to Blizzard’s new game Hearthstone, and has gained worldwide acclaim for playing it. He won his first Hearthstone tournament, the HTC Invitational, in 2015, and the “Play it Cool” live broadcast marathon the same year.

He is considered the best “Miracle Rogue” in Hearthstone. His network grew quickly, with his viewership varying from 2,000 to 30,000. His competition on Twitch in the Hearthstone category were Jason “Amaz” Chan, Jeffrey “Trump” Shih, Haiyun “Eloise” Tang, and Janne “Savjz” Mikkonen, all fantastically famous, And they even tried to schedule their broadcasts in this kind of way so that different competing live broadcasts didn’t play (now not to divide the audience between different, and get the most out of them on their channels).

Forsen’s changed popularity is a result of his particular style of speaking and broadcasting, along with his superior gaming abilities. He never tried to entertain his target market, letting them laugh themselves and now not “ruining the birthday party”. Forsen was the primary person to use Text-to-Speech in his stream to announce donations, so all of us who donated to him can leave a comment for the tip, which can be scrutinized aloud uncensored by the voice of a robot’s “text-to-speech” device.

This solution allows Forsen to remain silent compared to other streamers on Twitch. The target audience immediately felt free speech, and spared no money to say something they understood about sports, Forsun’s style of play, news on Twitch and within the world – nothing was forbidden to discuss. One can provide a link to a video, and Forcen will usually open it and show it to their target market. Most of the time, there were self-made animated films with no particular sense, but such “brainless” cartoons pleased the network that they made more films, sent out additional hyperlinks, and paid three dollars minimum for each occasion they wanted to advertise. . “.

Forsen In addition to movies, fans should ask Forsen to add a song of their preference to a playlist (commonly known by the Forsen community as a “playblist”), which serves as the soundtrack for streaming. One can bet that lovers always choose the scary songs and tracks they call “The Cancer Song” – the track might be too muted, so Forsen had to turn up his voice, and in the long run there could be an element that is quite deliberately loud, with even awful voices and shrieks. Chat manages to try Forsen who seeks to make the path quieter again.

The most famous stunt was putting a shout out from a wrestling show to an advertisement for wrestler John Cena. The playlist sometimes became four to five hours in a half hour, so Forsen had to warn his viewers that the list was becoming full until the end of airtime, and there was no need to call for more tracks to be brought into the list.

The Forsen community called itself Forsenboys and tried to find additional ways to entertain the chat. Followers decided to use the notes for donations as a source of extra laughter, and left their letter combinations that took up little space but were read for quite a long time. Thus, the text-to-speech program reads the combined letter “Se” as a chemical detail “selenium”, so if someone puts “Se” in the note about 20 to 30 times, the message can be read for a minute or so, and the chat reacts without Delay, and explode with emotions.

Viewers frequently joke about Forsen’s English, and sometimes Forsen doesn’t understand those jokes. Once he tried his hardest to get the note changed to send a donation, he gave up and said, ‘There’s a new rule [for the community]: Every time you get the shaggy dog ​​story, you type “lol,” and when you don’t understand it, you type a question mark, so I realize whether or not I’m a retard – and so I exploded with query marks.

Banned from Twitch. many times. Forsen’s live-streaming style consists not only of a specific statement with his community, but in addition to a wide variety of gossip. Few of the flushes were spent without any alcohol – Forsen never stopped himself from getting every other mouthful; The simplest sleep can prevent it.

Forsen is known for sleeping throughout his stream, which is why he has been banned from Twitch for 24 hours several times. The funniest case occurred once when Forsen fell unconscious for a few minutes, and the Hearthstone sport went on, and apart from that Forsen became drowsy under the influence of alcohol, when he woke up he received the match, though he ignored many. turns up. Appropriate talent.

Forsen network members are also often banned. Once the Forsenboys decided to ensure that Forsen’s “forsenE” (a special expression in Twitch chat that looks like a compressed model of Forsen’s face) was the maximum usable expression on Twitch (in line with StreamElements Chat Stats which calculates the amount of emotes used on Twitch). And they started spamming now not most effective in Forsen chat but flooding all operators chats with “forsenE” phrases.

Romantic relationships in 2014 Along with Forsen, there was every other channel, Eloise, whose visitors were also Forsen viewers, who watched her channel when Forsen went offline. The Forsenboys tried to channel and fuel the rumor that Eloise loved Forsen, and Forsen favored Eloise, and they should start dating, but neither Forsen nor Eloise really supported this topic even just for entertainment, so the community had to move on to another comic.

In fact, Forsen wasn’t changed by any means on my own — he’s famous for having girls perform in the background during broadcasts. Dumped by one of his girlfriends when considering she was bored with him, she gushed and consumed his all-time favorite lasagna. Forsen was completely unhappy with the destruction, and the network backed him up with funny jokes and warm notes within the chat.

In 2014, Forsen met his future wife, Nina, aka Nani Hesho. It is mentioned that they got married on July 14, 2015, while keeping the wedding secret; There aren’t any snapshots or any additional data to be found on that occasion, though Forsen has promised his community to feature films and photos from their wedding. No one knows for sure if they’re actually married or not or they’re just laughing, calling each other a different husband and wife.

In 2016, Forsen posted on Twitter that he had to spend some time with his girlfriend before she left for Germany, which was not normal because now that second she was not a friend of his, she had already turned into his wife. Nina has an Instagram account on which she collectively posts her photos, and a separate Instagram account for her dogs, a York known as Peppah.

Fresh from gaming, Forsen admitted that he didn’t enjoy playing Hearthstone because the game was so random. He got here from StarCraft II where it changed into just about every ability, and Hearthstone became nothing like the work it had to do. Although he hates it. When the popularity of the sport declined, Forsen quickly turned to various games, including GTA V, PUBG, Darwin Project, and so on.

Appearance Forsen has light brown eyes and dark brown hair, and usually has a beard. There is no information about his height, weight or other important information.

Net Worsen’s recent net worth with the help of resources is expected to be around $2.7 million. He recently won the Darwin Project Invitational tournament, winning $20,000, and also won $13,600 in the PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Invitational tournament, and his team won the initial prize of $100,000.

He has converted all the money owed to him into cash: his Twitch channel has over 12,500 subscribers who give him about $3,000 a month; YouTube channel with over one hundred and seventy thousand followers, and his Twitter with over 113 thousand readers. All these resources bring him solid monthly earnings, which continue to grow.

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