Full Guide: How to Scan for Ghana Learning TV


This how-to Scan for Ghana Learning TV will guide you to achieve the needed success in accessing the new channel meant to provide vital lessons for all SHS 1,2 and 3 students.

Ghana Education Service has come out with this all-important tv station which is free to air.

So rescan your digital box to get GL TV.

It is in test transmission.

It will appear next to GTV channels after rescanning. Note that for TV brands like Hisense TV the channel may come as CH3.

It is going to line up educational programmes for pupils in Lower Primary to Shs students.

How to Scan for Ghana Learning TV is not difficult, keep trying and reposition your antennal if the need be.

Some decoders are multifunctional. Just a dish and you will get all satellite channels and terrestrial channels, but some decoders need an antenna aside the dish…

General Scanning Procedure for Digital TVs

  • Using your television’s remote control, press the Menu or Settings option.
  • (Note: a “Smart TV” may have a smart button that must be used to access the settings menu. It will generally have the manufacturer’s logo on it.)
  • Locate Channels or Tuner Set Up or AutoTune option.
  • Check the menu for an option of Antenna Type or Connection Type followed by either Antenna or Cable.
  • For antenna users, make sure that the designated setting is Antenna.
  • From the menu, choose Digital Channel Search (depending on the manufacturer, alternate choices may include Channel Scan, Channel Search or Auto program.)
  • Allow the TV to complete the search. You may see a bar listing how many channels have been found. The process may take several minutes to complete.
  • Once complete, confirm the menu prompt, then press the exit or quit option.
  • How to rescan a Samsung TV to get Ghana Learning TV
  • Press the MENU button on your remote control.
  • Scroll down to Auto Store and press the ENTER button.
  • Select Antenna type and press the ENTER button.
  • Select the antenna type that you are using (Air or Cable) and press the ENTER button.
  • How to rescan a Sony TV to get Ghana Learning TV
  • Note: instructions may vary slightly depending on the TV model.
  • Connect your TV to your cable or antenna source with a coaxial cable line.
  • Press the MENU button on your remote to bring up your TV’s menu.
  • Use the arrow keys on the remote to navigate through the menu and select the CHANNEL tab.
  • Select ADD DIGITAL CHANNELS and select OK to confirm.
  • All available digital channels will be automatically turned into the TV.
  • How to rescan a Sharp TV.
  • Choose AIR.
  • Use the Left and Right arrow buttons on the remote to highlight START, then press ENTER.
  • The TV will perform a scan for available signals, which may take several minutes to complete. When the channel scan is complete, an overview of the number of channels found will be presented.
  • How to rescan a Panasonic TV.
  • Highlight the PROGRAM CHANNEL option, then press OK to enter the Program Channel menu.
  • Press the right or left remote button to select ANTENNA in the ANT inbox.
  • Press the down button to select AUTO, then press “OK.”
  • How to rescan an LG TV.
  • Press MENU on the remote control/TV set.
  • Select SETUP on the menu and press OK.
  • Select AUTO-TUNING and press OK.
  • Select START, then press OK.
  • The television will begin to search for all available channels.

Source: NewsGhana24

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