Full List Of Category ‘C’ Senior High Schools in Ghana


Senior High Schools briefly called SHS are categorized into seven main groups by Ghana Education Service, mainly for the purposes of assisting and informing BECE candidates preparing for SHS. The categories are A, B, C, D, E, F, and G comprising of public and private SHS, Technical & Vocational schools, both public and private.

The public or government senior highs schools are listed in Category A, B, C, and D while Category E is a list of public Technical/ Vocational Institutions. Categories F and G are Private Senior High/ Technical Vocational Institutions.

Each year the Ghana Education Service updates and releases the list called register of schools, as a guide to students, parents, and teachers. Mostly based on the criteria used by GES, category A schools are referred to as the top senior high schools, from which a BECE candidate has the choice to select only one school. Also, there are schools that get upgraded to category A each year.

In this article, we present the list of Category C Senior High Schools along with the regions of location based on the 2019 released update by GES.

Bechem Presby Senior HighAHAFO
Kukuom Agric Senior HighAHAFO
Sankore Senior HighAHAFO
Achinakrom Senior HighASHANTI
Adanwomase Senior HighASHANTI
Adobewora Comm. SHSASHANTI
Adu Gyamfi Senior HighASHANTI
Adugyama Comm. Senior HighASHANTI
Adventist Girls Senior High, NtonsoASHANTI
Afigyaman Senior High SchoolASHANTI
Agogo State CollegeASHANTI
Agric Nzema Senior High, KumasiASHANTI
Akumadan Senior HighASHANTI
Akwesi Awobaa Senior HighASHANTI
Amaniampong Senior HighASHANTI
Antoa Senior HighASHANTI
Asuoso Comm. Senior HighASHANTI
Atwima Kwanwoma Senior
Banka Comm. Senior HighASHANTI
Barekese Senior HighASHANTI
Bodomase Senior High/TechASHANTI
Bodwesango Senior HighASHANTI
Bonwire Senior High/TechASHANTI
Bosomtwe Oyoko Comm. SHSASHANTI
Dadease Agric Senior HighASHANTI
Effiduase Senior High/ComASHANTI
Effiduase Senior High/TechASHANTI
Ejisu Senior High/TechASHANTI
Ejisuman Senior HighASHANTI
Ejuraman Anglican Senior HighASHANTI
Esaase Bontefufuo Snr. High/Tech.ASHANTI
Gyaama Pensan Senior High/TechASHANTI
Jacobu Senior High/Tech.ASHANTI
Juaso Senior High/TechASHANTI
Kofi Adjei Senior High/TechASHANTI
Kumasi Senior High/TechASHANTI
Kwanwoma Senior High/TechASHANTI
Mankranso Senior HighASHANTI
Manso-Adubia Senior HighASHANTI
Mansoman Senior HighASHANTI
Namong Senior High/TechASHANTI
Nkawie Senior High/TechASHANTI
Nkenkansu Community SHSASHANTI
Nyinahin Cath. Senior HighASHANTI
Obuasi Senior High/TechASHANTI
Ofoase Senior High/TechASHANTI
Okomfo Anokye Senior HighASHANTI
Opoku Agyeman Senior High/TechASHANTI
Osei Adutwum Senior HighASHANTI
Owerriman Senior HighASHANTI
Parkoso Comm. Senior HighASHANTI
Pentecost Senior High, KumasiASHANTI
Presby Senior High/Tech, KwamangASHANTI
Simms Senior High/Com.ASHANTI
St. George’s Senior High Tech.ASHANTI
St. Joseph Sem/Senior High, MampongASHANTI
St. Sebastian Cath. Senior HighASHANTI
Tijjaniya Senior HighASHANTI
Tweapease Senior High SchoolASHANTI
Uthmaniya Senior High, TafoASHANTI
Wesley High School, BekwaiASHANTI
Abeaseman Comm. Day SHSBONO EAST
Atebubu Senior HighBONO EAST
Busunya Senior HighBONO EAST
Kajaji Senior HighBONO EAST
Kesse Basahyia Senior HighBONO EAST
Kintampo Senior HighBONO EAST
Krobo Comm.Senior HighBONO EAST
Kwame Danso Senior High/TechBONO EAST
Kwarteng Ankomah Senior HighBONO EAST
Yeji Senior High/TechBONO EAST
Chiraa Senior HighBONO AHAFO
Duadaso No. 1 Senior High/Tech.BONO AHAFO
Koase Senior High/TechBONO AHAFO
Methodist Senior High/Tech. BiadanBONO AHAFO
Nkyeraa Senior High Sch.BONO AHAFO
Salvation Army Senior High, Aboabo DormaaBONO AHAFO
St. Augustine Senior High, Nsapor- BerekumBONO AHAFO
Abakrampa Senior High/TechCENTRAL
Abeadze State CollegeCENTRAL
Aburaman Senior HighCENTRAL
Agona Fankobaa Senior HighCENTRAL
Agona Namonwora Comm. SHSCENTRAL
Assin Manso Senior HighCENTRAL
Assin North Senior High/TechCENTRAL
Assin Nsuta Agric. Senior HighCENTRAL
Assin State CollegeCENTRAL
Awutu Bawjiase Comm. SHSCENTRAL
Ayanfuri Senior HighCENTRAL
Bisease Senior High/ComCENTRAL
Brakwa Senior High/TechCENTRAL
College of Music Senior, MozanoCENTRAL
Dunkwa Senior High/TechCENTRAL
Effutu Senior High/TechCENTRAL
Eguafo-Abrem Senior HighCENTRAL
Enyan Denkyira Senior HighCENTRAL
Enyan Maim Comm. Day SchoolCENTRAL
Fettehman Senior HighCENTRAL
Gomoa Gyaman Senior HighCENTRAL
Gomoa Senior High/TechCENTRAL
Gyaase Community Senior HighCENTRAL
J.E.A. Mills Senior HighCENTRAL
Jukwa Senior HighCENTRAL
Komenda Senior High/Tech.CENTRAL
Kwanyako Senior HighCENTRAL
Kwegyir Aggrey Senior HighCENTRAL
Mando Senior High/Tech.CENTRAL
Mankessim Senior High/TechCENTRAL
Moree Comm. Senior HighCENTRAL
Nyankumase Ahenkro Snr. HighCENTRAL
Obiri Yeboah Senior High/Tech.CENTRAL
Obrachire Senior High/TechCENTRAL
Odoben Senior HighCENTRAL
Odupong Comm. Day SchoolCENTRAL
Oguaa Senior High/TechCENTRAL
Potsin T.I. Ahm. Senior HighCENTRAL
Senya Senior HighCENTRAL
Swedru Sch. Of BusinessCENTRAL
Adeiso Presby Senior HighEASTERN
Adjena Senior High/Tech.EASTERN
Akim Asafo Senior HighEASTERN
Akim Swedru Senior HighEASTERN
Akokoaso Senior High/TechEASTERN
Akro Senior High/TechEASTERN
Akroso Senior High/TechEASTERN
Akuse Methodist Senior High/TechEASTERN
Anum Apapam Comm. SHSEASTERN
Anum Presby Senior HighEASTERN
Apedwa Presby Senior HighEASTERN
Apeguso Senior HighEASTERN
Asesewa Senior High SchoolEASTERN
Asuom Senior HighEASTERN
Atweaman Senior HighEASTERN
Ayirebi Senior HighEASTERN
Bepong Senior High SchoolEASTERN
Boso Senior High TechnicalEASTERN
Diaspora Girls’ Senior HighEASTERN
Donkorkrom Agric Senior HighEASTERN
Fodoa Comm. Senior HighEASTERN
H’Mount Sinai Senior HighEASTERN
Klo-Agogo Senior HighEASTERN
Kraboa-Coaltar Presby Snr.
Kwaobaah Nyanoa Comm. SHSEASTERN
Maame Krobo Comm. SHSEASTERN
Mampong/Akw Snr. High/Tech
for the Deaf
Mangoase Senior HighEASTERN
Mem-Chemfre Comm. SHSEASTERN
New Abirem/Afosu Senior HighEASTERN
New Nsutam Senior High/TechEASTERN
Nsawam Senior HighEASTERN
Osino Presby Senior High/Tech.EASTERN
Presby Senior High/Tech, LartehEASTERN
Presby Senior High, Mampong AkwapimEASTERN
Presby Senior High, SuhumEASTERN
Presby Senior High/Tech, AburiEASTERN
Presby Senior High/Tech, AdukromEASTERN
S.D.A. Senior High. Akim SekyereEASTERN
Salvation Army Senior High, Akim WenchiEASTERN
St. Fidelis Senior High/TechEASTERN
St. Paul’s Senior High, Asakraka KwahuEASTERN
St. Stephen’s Presby Snr. High/Tech, AsiakwaEASTERN
St. Thomas Senior High/TechEASTERN
Tarkrosi Comm. Senior HighEASTERN
Yilo Krobo Senior High/ComEASTERN
Accra Wesley Girls HighG. ACCRA
Ada Senior High/Tech.G. ACCRA
Adjen Kotoku Senior HighG. ACCRA
Amasaman Senior High/TechG. ACCRA
Ashiaman Senior HighG. ACCRA
Christian Methodist Senior HighG. ACCRA
Ebenezer Senior HighG. ACCRA
Forces Senior High/Tech, Burma CampG. ACCRA
Frafraha Comm. Senior HighG. ACCRA
Holy Trinity Senior HighG. ACCRA
Kaneshie Senior High/Tech.G. ACCRA
Kinbu Senior High/TechG. ACCRA
Kpone Comm. Senior HighG. ACCRA
Kwabenya Comm. Senior HighG. ACCRA
La Presby Senior HighG. ACCRA
Ngleshie Amanfro Senior HighG. ACCRA
O’Reilly Senior HighG. ACCRA
Osudoku Senior High/Tech.G. ACCRA
Presby Senior High, OsuG. ACCRA
Presby Senior High, TemaG. ACCRA
Presby Senior High, TeshieG. ACCRA
Tema Manhean Senior High/TechG. ACCRA
Tema Meth. Day Senior HighG. ACCRA
Bunkpurugu Senior High/TechNORTH EAST
Chereponi Senior High/Tech.NORTH EAST
Gambaga Girls Senior HighNORTH EAST
Janga Senior High/TechNORTH EAST
Nakpanduri Senior HighNORTH EAST
Nalerigu Senior HighNORTH EAST
Walewale Senior HighNORTH EAST
Wulugu Senior HighNORTH EAST
Yagaba Senior High SchoolNORTH EAST
Anbariya Senior High Sch.NORTHERN
Bimbilla Senior HighNORTHERN
Business Senior High, TamaleNORTHERN
Dagbon State Senior High/TechNORTHERN
E. P. Agric Senior High/Tech.NORTHERN
Gushegu Senior HighNORTHERN
Islamic Science Senior High, TamaleNORTHERN
Karaga Senior HighNORTHERN
Kpandai Senior HighNORTHERN
Kumbungu Senior HighNORTHERN
Northern School of BusinessNORTHERN
Pong-Tamale Senior HighNORTHERN
Presby Senior High, TamaleNORTHERN
Saboba E.P. Senior HighNORTHERN
Sang Comm. Day SchoolNORTHERN
Savelugu Senior HighNORTHERN
Tolon Senior HighNORTHERN
Vitting Senior High/Tech.NORTHERN
Wapuli Comm. Senior HighNORTHERN
Wulensi Senior HighNORTHERN
Zabzugu Senior HighNORTHERN
Ahamansu Islamic Senior High SchoolOTI
Asukawkaw Senior HighOTI
Bowiri Comm. Day SchoolOTI
Dodi-Papase Senior High/TechOTI
Kadjebi-Asato Senior HighOTI
Kete Krachi Senior High/Tech.OTI
Kpassa Senior High/TechOTI
Krachi Senior HighOTI
Kyabobo Girls Senior HighOTI
Nchumuruman Comm. SHSOTI
Nkonya Senior HighOTI
Nkwanta Comm. SHSOTI
Nkwanta Senior HighOTI
Ntruboman Senior HighOTI
Oti Senior High/Tech SchOTI
Tapaman Senior High/TechOTI
Worawora Senior HighOTI
Yabram Comm. Day SchoolOTI
Bamboi Comm. Senior HighSAVANNAH
Bole Senior HighSAVANNAH
Buipe Senior HighSAVANNAH
Daboya Comm. Day SchoolSAVANNAH
Damongo Senior HighSAVANNAH
Ndewura Jakpa Senior High/Tech.SAVANNAH
Salaga Senior HighSAVANNAH
Salaga T.I. Ahmad Senior HighSAVANNAH
Sawla Senior High Sch.SAVANNAH
St. Anthony of Padua Senior High/TechSAVANNAH
Tuna Senior High/Tech.SAVANNAH
Awe Senior High/Tech.U. EAST
Bawku Senior High/Tech.U. EAST
Binduri Comm. Senior HighU. EAST
Bolga Sherigu Comm. SHSU. EAST
Bongo Senior HighU. EAST
Chiana Senior HighU. EAST
Fumbisi Senior HighU. EAST
Gambigo Comm. Day Senior HighU. EAST
Garu Comm. Day Senior HighU. EAST
Gowrie Senior High/Tech.U. EAST
Kanjaga Comm. Senior HighU. EAST
Kongo Senior HighU. EAST
Kusanaba Senior HighU. EAST
Mirigu Community Day SHSU. EAST
Nabango Senior High SchoolU. EAST
O.L.L. Girls Senior HighU. EAST
Paga Senior HighU. EAST
Sandema Senior HighU. EAST
Sandema Senior High/Tech.U. EAST
Sirigu Senior HighU. EAST
St. John’s Integrated Snr. High/TechU. EAST
Tempane Senior HighU. EAST
Zamse Senior High/TechU. EAST
Zorkor Senior HighU. EAST
Zuarungu Senior HighU. EAST
Birifoh Senior High Sch.U. WEST
Daffiamah Senior HighU. WEST
Dr. Hila Liman Senior High
Eremon Senior High/Tech.U. WEST
Funsi Senior High SchoolU. WEST
Holy Family Senior HighU. WEST
Islamic Senior High, WaU. WEST
Jamiat Al-Hidaya Islamic GirlsU. WEST
Jirapa Senior HighU. WEST
Kaleo Senior High/TechU. WEST
Ko Senior HighU. WEST
Lambussie Comm. Senior HighU. WEST
Loggu Comm. Day SchoolU. WEST
Northern Star Senior HighU. WEST
Piina Senior HighU. WEST
St. Augustine Senior High/Tech,
Saan Charikpong
Takpo Senior High Sch.U. WEST
Tumu Senior High/Tech.U. WEST
Ullo Senior HighU. WEST
Wa Senior High/Tech.U. WEST
Abor Senior HighVOLTA
Adaklu Senior HighVOLTA
Adidome Senior HighVOLTA
Afadjato Senior High/Tech.VOLTA
Afife Senior High Tech.VOLTA
Agotime Senior HighVOLTA
Akatsi Senior High/TechVOLTA
Akome Senior High/Tech.VOLTA
Akpafu Senior High/Tech.VOLTA
Alavanyo Senior High/Tech.VOLTA
Anfoega Senior HighVOLTA
Anlo Afiadenyigba Senior HighVOLTA
Anlo Awomefia Senior HighVOLTA
Atiavi Senior High/TechVOLTA
Avatime Senior HighVOLTA
Ave Senior HighVOLTA
Avenor Senior HighVOLTA
Aveyime Battor Senior High/Tech.VOLTA
Battor Senior HighVOLTA
Dabala Senior High/Tech.VOLTA
Dofor Senior HighVOLTA
Dzodze Penyi Senior HighVOLTA
Dzolo Senior HighVOLTA
E. P. Senior HighVOLTA
Jim Bourton Mem Agric. SHSVOLTA
Keta Business Senior HighVOLTA
Klikor Senior High/Tech.VOLTA
Kpedze Senior HighVOLTA
Kpeve Senior HighVOLTA
Leklebi Senior HighVOLTA
Likpe Senior HighVOLTA
Mepe St. Kizito Senior High/Tech.VOLTA
Peki Senior High/TechnicalVOLTA
Shia Senior HighTechnicalVOLTA
Sokode Senior High/TechVOLTA
Some Senior HighVOLTA
St. Catherine Girls Senior HighVOLTA
St. Paul’s Senior High, DenuVOLTA
Taviefe Comm. Senior HighVOLTA
Three Town Senior HighVOLTA
Tsiame Senior HighVOLTA
Tsito Senior High/TechVOLTA
Vakpo Senior HighVOLTA
Vakpo Senior High/TechVOLTA
Ve Comm. Senior HighVOLTA
Volo Comm. Senior HighVOLTA
Volta Senior High SchoolVOLTA
Weta Senior High/Tech.VOLTA
Wovenu Senior High TechnicalVOLTA
Zion Senior HighVOLTA
Ziope Senior High Sch.VOLTA
Annor Adjaye Senior HighWESTERN
Asankrangwa Senior HighWESTERN
Asankrangwa Senior High/TechWESTERN
Axim Girls Senior HighWESTERN
Baidoo Bonso Senior High/TechWESTERN
Bonzo-Kaku Senior HighWESTERN
Diabene Senior High/TechWESTERN
Fiaseman Senior HighWESTERN
Gwiraman Comm.Senior HighWESTERN
Huni Valley Senior HighWESTERN
Methodist Senior High, SekondiWESTERN
Mpohor Senior HighWESTERN
Nkroful Agric. Senior HighWESTERN
Prestea Senior High/TechWESTERN
Sankor Comm. Day SchoolWESTERN
St. Augustine’s Senior High, BogosoWESTERN
Takoradi Senior HighWESTERN
Uthman Bin Afam SHSWESTERN
Adjoafua Comm. Senior HighWESTERN NORTH
Bibiani Senior High/Tech.WESTERN NORTH
Chirano Comm. Day SchoolWESTERN NORTH
Juaboso Senior HighWESTERN NORTH
Nana Brentu Senior High/TechWESTERN NORTH
Nsawora Edumafa Comm. SHSWESTERN NORTH