Full List of Winners of Opera News Hub’s Original Articles of the Week Reward(5)

Winners of Opera News Hub’s Original Articles of the Week Reward(5)

The results have been collated and the winners of Opera News Hub’s ‘Original Articles of the Week’ reward for writers on the Opera News Hub platform are here. It’s week 5 of Opera News Hub Ghana’s weekly reward. 

The articles were carefully selected from a variety of thought-provoking and interesting topics from different writers and in different categories-from politics through to social, and health. 

Last week, politics dominated the articles, followed by health against our constant admonition that the articles should cover different categories.

This week, Opera News Hub expects to receive in-depth analysis and interesting topics from Hub writers. We are also expecting that the number of original articles written by our writers would increase and touch different categories. 

For the records, weekly top article rewards are based on the quality of the articles published on the app and user engagement they generate. Quality is measured by originality, writing skills, and word count. User engagement is measured by reading time and clicks. Reading time is more important, as it reflects the value of the content to the user.

Below are the winners from last week:  

1.This Is What Will Happen If John Mahama Wins The 2020 Elections

By Clintonupdate

So the 2020 election is fast approaching and many Ghanaians are anxiously waiting to know who would emerge victorious between the two major political parties-NPP and NDC. This writer thinks something would happen should the former president and flagbearer of the NDC, John Dramani Mahama win the election. What is that thing that would happen?

2. Gabby Otchere-Darko’s British Citizenship & his Ketu South ethnicity tirades

By RKeelson

Gabby Asare Otchere-Darko reportedly made some remarks about the votes that come in from one of the areas that serves is the world bank for the opposition National Democratic Congress. This writer however analyses  the man’s British citizenship against the ethnicity tirade.

3. 7 Ways To boost Sperm Production And Fertility In Men.

By GodwinGakor

Well, apparently it’s not only women who must be fertile to be able to give birth, men too must be fertile. This writer takes a dig into 7 ways he thinks could boost sperm production in men to become fertile.

4. Regions that will decide Elections 2020

By Felix_007

With only a few months into the 2020 election, the bragging as to which region is the kingmaker has started. This writer there are particular regions that would be the decider of who becomes Ghana’s next president, is your region part?

5. Easily get pregnant with Nyanya (bitter gourd)

By JoycelynAngel

That it has spiritual significance and purpose has never been in doubt but what has it got to do with pregnancy? This writer will draw the connection between Bitter Gourd(Nyanya) and pregnancy.

6.Health: What women go through after Cesarean Section(CS) and some health tips

By NanakwakuAsiedu

A Lot of men and even women think once they have gone through the cesarean section that is all. This writer has some useful health tips and what women go through during cesarean section.

7.How to protect yourself from road accident with cassava leaves

By RockyJDJones

Do you believe that Cassava leafs could save you from accidents or misfortunes? Read how Cassava can save you from accidents from the writer.

8.Sex And Menstrual Cycle ; The Facts And Secret Every Woman Need to know.

By Rahmed

Till date, a lot of women are not familiar with their Menstrual Cycle and how it works, which accounts for the many unplanned pregnancies in most areas in Accra and some rural areas. Apparently there’s a secret every woman should know and this writer knows it.

9. This Is Why Electoral Commission Boss Jean Mensah Must Not Be Removed

By Diorin

There’s been a lot of back and forth about the Electoral Commissioner, Jean Mensah lately, to the extent that a group has even petitioned the presidency for her removal. This writer thinks otherwise and gives reasons  the EC should not be removed.

10. Why Akuffo Addo Has To Reverse The Decision On School Reopening

By adehefredrick

Schools have resumed today and final year students and pupils are expected to report to school from tomorrow. Against the backdrop that there are not enough PPE’s to be supplied to all the students, this writer thinks the decision should be revised and here is why. 

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