Gary Wright: Cause of death, age, net worth, dream weaver, wife, career and more

Gary Wright, famous performer known for “Dream Weaver” and “Love Is Alive,” died at 80
Total assets assessed at $10 million
Wright’s profession crossed music, film soundtracks, and joint efforts with George Harrison

Gary Wright, the eminent artist celebrated for his notorious hits “Dream Weaver” and “Love Is Alive,” has died at 80 years old.

Reason for death

While the reason for his demise has not been authoritatively uncovered, reports propose that he had been engaging Parkinson’s illness and Lewy body dementia throughout the previous quite a long while. This article honors his inheritance and investigates key parts of his life.

Age and Total assets

Gary Wright, born on April 26, 1943, unfortunately left us on September 4, 2023, at 80 years old. As per VIP Total assets, his total assets at the hour of his passing was assessed at $10 million.

“Dream Weaver” and Melodic Inheritance

“Dream Weaver,” one of Gary Wright’s most notable melodies, was delivered as the lead single from his third studio collection of a similar name in December 1975. This track exhibited Wright’s remarkable ability as a vocalist and keyboardist and included Jim Keltner on drums.

The motivation for “Dream Weaver” originated from Wright’s perusing of “Autobiography of a Yogi,” a book skilled to him by George Harrison. The tune’s topics were impacted by Paramahansa Yogananda’s sonnet “God! God! God!” and John Lennon’s utilization of the expression “dream weaver” in his tune “God.” The melody made critical progress, arriving at #2 on the Bulletin diagram in 1976 and making a permanent imprint on the music world.

Spouse and Family

Gary Wright was hitched to Rose Wright, and their association started in 1985. He was recently hitched to Christina, who was credited as Tina Wright on a portion of his melodies. Wright was a caring dad to two grown-up children, Dorian and Justin. Justin, continuing in his dad’s melodic strides, turned into an individual from the band Elusive.


Gary Wright’s celebrated lifetime traversed quite a few years and incorporated different features of the music business. He was a talented performer as well as a writer known for his hit melodies “Dream Weaver” and “Love Is Alive.” Wright’s advancement accompanied his collection “The Fantasy Weaver” in 1975, following his residency with the English blues musical crew Creepy Tooth and solo work on A&M Records.

Wright’s melodic excursion included joint efforts with George Harrison, support in Broadway musicals, clinical and brain science studies, and broad soundtrack work. His commitment to Harrison’s triple collection “Everything Should Pass” and his contribution with Creepy Tooth created a portion of his most vital work.

In later years, Wright investigated world music and the new age sort while proceeding to perform live and deliver collections. His autobiography, “Dream Weaver: Music, Reflection, and My Fellowship with George Harrison,” distributed in 2014, gave bits of knowledge into his remarkable life.

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