Ghana Theatre Festival 2019 Starts On Tuesday

The 2019 fifth edition of the Ghana Theatre Festival is kicking on from September 24 and end on September 24 with National Theatre as the decided venue. The festival is being organized by the National Theatre of Ghana is a six-day festival; would provide patrons with amusing performances at its best from various artistes in the country.It will offer opportunities to groups to show off their works in the confines of theatre productions by providing people who would be present there with a who variety of amazing performing arts.

Theme for this year’s festival is ‘Nurturing and Growing Artistic Voices’; with activities drawn including drama,dance, poetry and highlife musical performances,art exhibitions,live paintings, workshops, theatre programs for schools and stand-up comedy as well.

In a statement signed by the Public Relations Manager of the National Theatre Mr Ako Tetteh he said,”is intrigued that patrons of this festival would not be bored on any day.They would have their fill and more and all shall be prepared to be mesmerized by the artistic experience that shall be showcased”.

Intriguing performances like ‘Oliver Twist’ for basic schools, ‘Ananse In The Land of Idoits’ for SHS, ‘Man Talk Woman Talk’, ‘Fowls For Sale’, ‘Laughline, ‘Man I, ‘Love of Mamavi’, poetry performance, ‘ Ku Na Wana(Death Will Come), have all been slated for this festival sidelining with movie night, highlife time,comedy series and a concert party.

The festival will see other performances from production house namely; National Dance Company, National Symphony Orchestra, National Drama Company,FC Productions,Ehalakasa, 2 Idiots,GAVA(Ghana Association of Visual Arts), Village Minds Production,Kasa Entertainment, Visual Arts Empowerment Project (VASEP) and Dance Department of University of Ghana.

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