Ghanaian Lady recounts Traumatic Experience in Lebanon

Over the years, Ghana recorded an increase in the number of immigrants who left in search of greener pastures in various countries. According to the Ghana Statistical Service, about 3% of the Ghanaian population have had to go through the ordeal of traveling outside the country illegally.

Akosua, a victim of illegal migration who was misled by a friend spoke anonymously and recounted her experiences on her journey to Lebanon through Nigeria to be able to leave the country and seek more promising opportunities.

She further spoke about her encounters with Ghanaian agencies she contacted and the false promises she gave if she was to embark on the journey to the country.

“I went to Lebanon on 3rd September 2019 from Kumasi. My friend told me about it and gave me an agent’s contact and then we began communicating. From the beginning, there were a lot of promises like they will be paying me 2000 dollars as a waiter for 3 months. I passed through Nigeria and spent 4 days. “

Furthermore, Akosua recounted how she survived the lies and hardships of living in Lebanon and her transition back to Ghana as a result of the outbreak of the COVID-19 Pandemic and government making provisions for repatriated citizens.

“When I landed, I was sent to a restaurant but I wasn’t a waitress and was not paid. I asked my boss why I haven’t been paid for 2 months and he said it not yet time to be paid because my agent took a lot of money from him.”

“I told him I paid for everything and it caused some disagreement between us and took away my passport. After that, I was homeless for 3 days and I met a Ghanaian man who introduced me to another Ghanaian agent where I worked for her. She felt I was going to ask her fr money which caused some conflict between us. She maltreated me and hardly fed me.”

“I met a Nigerian woman who took me in and gave me a job. Then I heard Ghana was gathering people to be brought back from Lebanon.”

This sheds light on the lapses of the government to regulate better traveling documentation and improvement In opportunities for the youth.

Emmanuel Manful 

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