Ghanaian youth resort to smoking dried faecal matter to get high – NACOB

Young people in the country now have resort to consuming dried faecal matter and take soaking sanitary pads for stamina drinking — The young people are recorded to mingle used as well discarded sanitary pads with water and then steam the drink concoction some minutes later-human excreta increases the taste and smell of illicit drugs according to the addict.

Some young people have used dried faecal substances and drunk sanitary pads to drink for vitality in the country today. In the Upper West Region, young people are reportedly mixing used and unused sanitary pads with water and boiling a few minutes later.

It reports that smokers also use Indian hemp, popularly known as wee, to mix dry human faeces with Indian hemp and roll it up in the form of cigarette and smoke papers. The human excreta improves the taste of illegal drugs, according to the abusers.

The report also states that those who smoke mix dried human faeces with Indian hemp, which was commonly known as wee, roll them in papers such as cigarette sticks and smoke. According to abusers, human excreta enhances the flavour of illegal drugs.

This announcement was rendered during a three-day tour of the area by Ishac Bakuri, the provincial Upper West Commander of the Drug Control Board, when Ambrose Dery, Interior Minister, visited a regional NACOB office.

He said that there is no law in the world that still governs this latest nonsense among the young people. “People smoke’ poopoo’ at this time. The dry shit and smoke are mixed. They said it makes them taste better, and other people smoke just the dry’ poopooo’ they choose.

You turn and burn. You move. The young people are going to purchase the pad. The pads boil, sew and drink, and others who can’t buy new pads look around in the back yard[ and the ladies] take it to boil, sew and drink when they’re removed, and take it away, Mr.Bakuri said.

According to the NACOB commander, the office is yet to conduct a laboratory test to establish the chemical compositions of the latest discovery that the youth are hooked onto it. “We are still trying to discover the chemical composition that is in the pad,” he said

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