The management of the Ghana Institute of Journalism (GIJ) says that the student information system (SIS) for maintenance will be shut down from December 15 to December 18, 2020.

GIJ Students to enjoy Free Data Package for Online Studies

Students at the Ghana Institute of Journalism (GIJ) are expected to receive free Internet access for their online learning.
According to the Institute’s Student Representative Council (SRC), all measures taken to provide “quality data” to students would eventually see the light of day, “regardless of how long we’ve been working on it.”

A statement from the SRC on the subject was met with intense doubts by students who hardly believed that the promise of providing free data could be a reality. In April 2020, the Ghanaian Institute of Journalism partnered with AirtelTigo to provide students with free access to data for online learning, however, the promise did not come true.

But in an exclusive interview with UniversNews, GIJ SRC vice president Edinam Adoboe said that the promise to provide data packets to students will certainly be fulfilled.

“I am giving students 100% assurance that this data issue is something that is going to see the limelight at the end of the day irrespective of how long we are working on it. We are really pushing things fast that student get data and be able to learn and not just any data…quality data that will help them work just as they know about any university,” he said.

Commenting on the challenges students face in accessing online learning materials and the Institute’s governance system, he asked students to remain calm while the SRC interacts with management to find solutions to the problem.

“Those who are logging in and are having challenges…a lot of people are logging into the system at the same time so you keep trying and you get logged in…because I’m logging in, your sister is logging in, another person is also logging in so the system sometimes get jammed and all.

“But we understand that feel for every student and we say that each student should be patient with that. Everything is working, management is really putting things in place to get it done,” he added.


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